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Need help!! Please! I need it!!
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Need help!! Please! I need it!!

Nothing is working, seeing Doctors for an hour or so, is just not helping.

Coping with this eating disorder is just too impossible to do now! And my urges to throow up are so high! I know i'm going to do it today and tomorow and everyday! I know i'm in danger of harming myself, dameging my body over this!

Knowing all this I was wondering, should I accept that being home is no longer a safe option and to go to a place for like people who have eating disorders and stay there to get help, so they can help make me get better and mentaly. Doing this here at home is not working and things are getting worst.....

Please anyone, an you tell me, should I do this? I think I should, but do you's? is it the right choice? please anyone, I need to know :)

Thank you! :)

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How long have you been seeing drs? You are not going to get better and rid the eating disorder over night. Its not impossible. Have you talked to your parents about going to a eating disorder clinic? How about bringing it up with your dr? If things are getting worse it may be what you need...a sort of change of scenery you know?

I know how you feel. Ive been battleing this for almost 10 years. The good thing is that you are getting help, which is of course, the first step of many.

If you need websites of any good clinics let me know...i have a few saved.

Keep your head up will get over this!
It's been a while since i've seen doctors ect.

But I have to say, it was no help. yeah I know people say that alot but really, I mean it, it wasn't helping things were not really getting better. I know I ate but that nasty feeling I got just didn't go away. And you can only put up with so much of it that makes you won't to stop abd throw up.

I can't keep on going on like this, it's making me so unhappy, so depressed. The worst thing is that it will affect my studies for school but luckily I'm on the summer holidays so I'm ok for just now. But yeah, I can't live on with this keep happening, Visits to the doctors just won't work anymore I know I have to go somewhere where proper help is provided. I know it might not be the best expereince but it's for my health. And it's for all the people who care about me, I can't let them watch me do thi sto my self, it's going to hurt them. So I have to get the help soon!

Thank you so much for repyling, it means a lot, thank you so much :)

Its so hard isnt it and you feel noone understands, but they do there are a lot of people out there who feel like you do, I think a support Group with others who are going through the same thing would help you, keep talking about it ,are your parents supportive for you any siblings you can talk to. Let us know here how you are doing .,we care.
You are so brave to come out about your problem

I actually just asked for some help today, and you know what my parents said...its all in your head!  I didnt tell them i was bulimic or anything, but i told them how i get really nauseated after eating and that i wanted to talk to a dietician.

i cannot believe they arent noticing that i'm asking for help.  I posted for the first time last night, because i've never tld anyone.  How did you tell people?
Hello there :)

Sorry to hear about you're parents issue, must be very annoying!
Well I first told people when I was becoming very aware of my eating problem. At first I thought "Ok I stopped eating, no big deal I'll just go to the cupboard and have something to eat" But I was wrong, I couldn't eat, I was so scared, I hated the food! So then when I was in school sitting in English, I was so unhappy, very hungry and I knew I just couldn't eat. And I said to myslef "I can't do this anymore, I need help"
When I went to my next class I said to my friend that I wanted her to stay behind after class so I could talk to the teacher. So we did. It took me a good wee while to come out with the words "I think I'm anorexic" and it was so hard to addmit to but in the end I felt better, knowing that I was going to get help.
If your parents won't listen to you then tell a friend, they are so helpfull at times like this. They really help me get through this. At the moment the one person who helps me through it is my boyfriend, he so understands and is so supportive. So please tell a close friend, I know it's really hard to do but it will help you so much! And you will feel so much better :)

I hope I've help you :)

I wish you all the best for the future and I hope you get passed this :) I hope we both do :)

Take care! xxxx
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