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This community was created to answer questions about the egg donation process. What happens during an egg donor cycle. Drugs used during the process. Protocols. Where you can go to cycle. Costs associated with that. Information about disclosure.

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Donor eggs

Hi, I'm considering donor eggs if I can afford it...any advice?
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See what clinics are in your area- or a distance you would be willing to travel.  You can check their success rates on the CDC website:  www.cdc.gov/ART/index.htm  but this info was a bit old.

You can call and do a phone interview to see if the dr is certified, how much of the biz is dedicated to donors, etc. I guess it all depends on how chatty the receptionist is!!!!

I was given a pelvic right from the start- before I even interviewed the RE.  I did not like that.  I guess they were evaluating me as much I was them! The paperwork I had to fill in was pretty extensive.

Because of my age- donor was are course of action so we did not really discuss any other options.  

The first day we also met with the financial dept.  Find out if they take your insurance- if not do they have a self-pay discount of any sort.  Is there any insurance they reccommend. You should be know up front what the break downs are. Our meds were not included in our quote.  (Find out how much of an effort they go to to stay up to date on the cheapest meds.)

Find out how much information you get about the donor and how many they have available.  Find out how much background info and family history you get about the donor.  Make sure they have the legal contracts in place, ask to see exactly what the donor signs.  Find out what tests they do on her before she is accepted as a donor and after she is selected by a family.  

Find out if you will have one nurse assigned to you- that is so helpful!      

We did not get to donor selection for a while.  When you do, you and your dh need to decide what is important to you in a donor.  Is it that she looks like you?  Has a good education? etc.  Knowing this helps- but then there are other things that help you decide- her health history was a big one for us.  Your instinct will guide you.  Also the nurse might be helpful.  I will tell you from experience- younger is better!  The donor that did not respond to meds was almost 30.  Don't know if that had anything to do with it but since I have heard younger is better.  She was actually our 2nd choice- but that is another story!

Find out what happens if they cycle is canceled!!!!!  ;0)

There is a great book about infertility resources called "The Baby Solution"  that has info about questions to ask, the tests, considerstions when choosing your donor etc.

  Hope this helps.  If I did not answer what you were looking for- let me know!
Melanie, I have spoken with you quite a bit lately. I have been doing a great deal of research and calling on egg donor clinics and different options. Sharing eggs is a great way to save money. Shady Grove has a great plan, but if I did the 3:1 shared egg program it is 29,000 and I was not impressed with the donors. It is a money back guarantee.  
I personally feel that I have a very good chance with donor eggs, still hoping for IUI, ??? how may attempts before I move on.
The clinic I am at now has no share program of their own or guarantee money back but their donor program is 20,000. 16,000 with your own donor, if I have a good donor I feel that I would have plenty of chances, still a risk of 16,000. A young healthy donor can produce an average of 20 or so eggs. additional tranfer costs are minimal. ?? additional freezing costs.
I am just giving you some of my findings.
I am wondering why I could not just share my eggs from my own donor at the clinic I am at already at. The IVF is 12,000, plus legal fees, counciling costs, screening fees ect....All still a RISK!!!!
Shady Grove was the cheapest guarntee program I could find.
I am a crazy thinker and I like coming up with ways of doing things, these are just my thoughts. Maybe you can use them for your process, GOOD LUCK! VERY OVERWHELMING!!!!

You could also look into Attain IVF... they work with a clinic in Cincinnati... they have 2 programs.  One that included donor fees and one that doesn't (up to $3500 a cycle).    That's who my hubby and I would be using.  Although, I haven't been that impressed with their donors so far (only reviewed 2 though), there is a donor agency in Cinci that has some wonderful donors at a little bit above covered Attain cost.. you woud just have to pay the difference.  Attain is 100% refundable with donor eggs.  It's about the same cost as Shady Grove, unless you have monitoring coverage on your health insurance, the costs is only $20,000. that is for 3 fresh cycles unlimited frozen cycles, icsi, storage of embryos... ect.  Check them out!!   : P

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