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Could I possibly have sciatic endometriosis..since I had endo and maybe...
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Could I possibly have sciatic endometriosis..since I had endo and maybe it wasn't all removed

     I was dx w/Endo. when I was very young and the debilitating disease just causes pain and agony. I went thru yrs. w/the pain as a young adult into my early 30's as I had a total hysterectomy, but they left my cervix. I watched Mystery Diagnosis tonight and a woman was having symptoms that I have been trying to dx for a long time. She was not able to walk. She had to use a walker and I am that way right now. Could it be possible that they didn't get all of the Endo out as they did the surgery w/these 3 small incisions instead of opening me up? I am so worried now that it could be exactly what I have since my legs hurt tremendously and especially behind my knee. I have areas of sunken in muscle mass in my legs and the doc explained that the excess endo cells or blood(I think that is how he put it, would accumulate in the legs.
     I am wondering also could it cause pain all over your body since I not only hurt in my legs, but in my upper torso also. Could this be what has been plaguing me all this time going on 5 yrs. I had an ACD & F spinal diskectomy and have been told that it needs to come out by my friend who has 800 hrs. of Neuropathy and is also a Chiro. I thought that was the problem and still might be or I have a two-fold problem. I don't know anymore. I am so depressed bc I am in pain all the time and seems like I am getting nowhere. Who should I go see if this is probable...a NL or NS. I am suppose to see an Ortho tomorrow, but they changed the doc. I was scheduled for and don't understand why they do that. I was referred to one by my NL and now they have put me w/another one. What would u do in this instant? I want to go, but my parents are so tired and the travel is hard on them. I can't drive...well, I can bc I have a liscense, but the pain is so intense I would be put in ER when I got there. I haven't driven since '04...long time...hey? Life can seem so unfair at times. I am usually a positive person..so patient, but here lately I am losing it. I can only take so much. The pain is taking over my life and all I get to do and I am blessed that I do get to do it..is watch TV and rest in bed. MY hubby and I kind of got inot it tonight @ that. We never fuss...we always get along. He is tired I know.

     I just want to get well and am so tired of living this way. I am so driven and can't stand lying in bed. I do get up and work...and pay for it. DO I EVER PAY...w/ so much pain. I just love working and completing things that i have started. It makes me feel so accomplished and complete. I have disability now...just got approved. Trust me,no one wants to just lie around doing nothing all day. It is soooo boring and you are so dependent on others and I hate that. I don't want to be a burden. I like doing things myself. I have always been that way.

     @ this Endo. If u know anything please comment. We need a doc to comment. Where r they? I can go to other forums and they r there commenting on others problems. When I first got here I looked and didn't even see any comments...from anyone. that is disheartening..makes things seem more hopeless and neverending. There has got to be someone out there. If I have to I will round them up to visit here and see what is up.
     Sawy...that I seem so down and depressed it's bc I am. I usually am the one who speaks of hope, faith and love. Lord forgive me 4 being so down tonight. I know You are there and will shed light on this 4 us. Take care of us all and always....GOD BLESS...hang in there we will know something soon..... Karen
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     I am so worried and sorry that I posted again, but in a desperate situation. I just am having so much pain in my whole body, but mostly my legs suffer every single day. I can't walk good bc it seems like my knees are so stiff and pain stays behind them. I know that I have had two Laporoscopies and both comfirmed Endo. I just wondered if it could possibly have gone down my legs. I watched as a girl had it happen to her on Mystery dx the other night. I was shocked.
     Is there anyone out there that has or had Endo and now has these symptoms too. I am trying to get to a good doc.,but don't know who I should see. I have been to NL, NS and nothing was even brought up @ Endo. so I didn't even think it could be possible. I just would like to know who I should see and what I should do to ease my pain. I lay in bed so much bc I can't do anything. I just want to get back to living. I am only 44 and have two young boys that need their mom. I can't even be touched it hurts and I remember the suffering I did when I had my monthly or should I say sometimes every 6 mos. I would have one and I would faint whenever it hit. I mean literally anywhere I was. My dad has even had to retrieve me out of the shower after I had fallen to the bottom. It was awful. I was lucky and blessed to have my boys...it must have been The Lord's Will that is all I can say.
      Should I see a Gyno or a Gastro.? I am just lost and don't know what to do. It seems like I just need an MRI in my hip and maybe lower spine..I guess. I have had a Lumbar and nothing showed but Arthritis. Now, the rest of me is a mess. I have to confess that I have been dx with: Cervical,Lumbar & Hip/Joint DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Myofascial Pain,Cervicalgia, Spondylosis,Fibro and the list goes on CM(Chiari Malformation), Venous Angioma and ohhhh. I just know I am suffering and I really don't think I have all of this. I know I am not a doc, but something is seriously wrong. HELP!!
     Take care all and GOD BLESS... Karen
This is Holly from the Mystery Diagnosis episode concerning Sciatic Endometriosis.
If you would like to speak to me directly you can send me a message on Facebook to Holly Elkins Pushefski.
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