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Do I have endo?

Before you read, sorry for any queezy bits - i just want to explain everything properly so you get the best understanding.

I am 17 years old and have had my period for almost 5 years with no problems - little PMS, no pains, not particularly heavy etc. and have been using tampons for the mojority of this time with ease.

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend about 4 months ago and there were no problems there either.

About 3 weeks ago, when we had just began to have sexual intercourse, it was uncomfortably slightly however was not unbearable so i kept going (I just presumed it was a little dry).

About 1 week later, whilst we were having sex again (the 1st time since the week before), it felt really odd as if something didn't feel right. It wasn't necessarily painful but just uncomfortable, like his penis was pushing against my uterus or something. When we changed positions, it still felt wrong but not unbearable.
Straight afterwards, I feel really weird. I felt very weak and my uterus was really painful. Until I stood up and moved around I didnt realised how light headed I felt.
My pelvic region was killing me - I also began to get the sweats, I became nauseas and I almost fainted if I hadn't of layed down.
This was around 5pm. For the rest of the night my pelvic region through to my lower back was so painful I could barely move without struggling.

I also found it very painful to open my bowels and i also noticed I was passing a lot of wind (but I'm not sure if the wind is related to the food or the pain or not). I also noticed I was slightly constipated.

The next day my pelvic region was still quite sore, although much less. It hurt to jog and make large movements.

Since then, I have gotten my period and although there is no period pains, there is a small sensation of this same pain. When I insert a tampon, it really hurts and it has never done so before.

I have been researching what may be wrong with me and Endometriosis seems the be the only thing. I don't have a lot of the symptoms but I am definitely showing a lot more PMS than usual and I know this pain i am experiencing isn't normal.

I don't know what is wrong, this has all happened in the last 3 weeks. Can someone please help?
Of course I need to see a doctor to confirm anything, but I would also like to see other people's opinions before going to the doctors first.
Hello there!

I believe you should definitely have a transvaginal ultrasound to see what's wrong... and visit an OB of course

however, I've experienced something quite similar and it turned out it was a small fluid-filled ovarian cyst that burst during sex...
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