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I am 23 and don't know if laparoscopy is something I should do NOW...
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I am 23 and don't know if laparoscopy is something I should do NOW

I am looking for a dr from the U of M right now to schedule an appt with to talk about getting lap for my endometriosis. I have been having this pain for about 2 years- I have been skipping my periods for 3 months and taking pain meds when necessary (that was the care plan that was made by my gyno and I when I went in for the first time)... and it has recently BLOWN UP, so much pain, way too often and have to take pain pills usually every few days and sometimes more. I also have breakthrough bleeding to the point where it is as if I don't skip my period at all.
I have always wanted to have children, but since I have had problems with pain and learned about endometriosis I have become so afraid that I won't be able to become pregnant, especially if I wait till I am ready (maybe 4 years from now?). My goals are to not have as much pain and to be able to conceive when I'm ready.
I have read that laparoscopy can help for pregnancy if you start TTC right afterward, and that many women become pregnant within 6 months even, which is great!
But have also heard/read that after a year the pain can have come back in full force.
I don't want to do this surgery more than once if I don't have to. But I am obsessively thinking about how much my life would NOT be ok if I were to not be able to have a baby. I can't sleep anymore because I don't know what to do and my mind just won't shut off. It is hard for me and it is hard for me to stress out my boyfriend (he is very supportive I am so grateful for that, but it ***** to bring anyone else down or make them worry)

Also it would be important to note that I am not able to do any of the hormone therapy treatments- so this is why I am  asking... am I ready? Should I deal with the pain until I am going to TTC?
I am sick of being on the verge of tears all the time. It's like constant PMS (or maybe it IS constant PMS). I have been advised to get the procedure done, so maybe it really is the only answer right now.

Any advice would help a lot!!
Thank you,
The only way to know for sure if you have it is to do an exploratory lap. There is no harm in doing that to see what is going on. IF you do have Endo they can remove it but you need to make sure that you have an Endo specialist not just a regular Gyno because they usually dont know the places to look for endo. I had Stage IV endo and had a child. Just because you have Endo it doesnt mean you are going to have problems conceiving. The best approach is lap, removal of Endo, medication such as Lupron, continuous BCP, or Visanne to stop the endo from growing until you are ready to conceive. Also during that time after the surgery you should try Body rolling so that excessive scar tissue doesnt build up. This is a proven method (Wurn Technique) I have on my profile the how to when it comes to it.  You can also visit Clear Passage to get some more information.

I totally understand what you are going through, please stay strong and try to find what methods work best for you even if that means changing your diet to Gluten free, Dairy free and Red meat free.
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