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Post-laparoscopy, endo grown back again, lifestyle tips? Natural ways t...
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Post-laparoscopy, endo grown back again, lifestyle tips? Natural ways to help?

It's been 11 months since I had my laparoscopy to diagnose my  stage III endometriosis and adenomyosis (I was 18, and am 19 now)

It's obviously grown back, as expected, and I've been bleeding for 3 weeks.  Before my surgery I bled for 5 months non stop while being on the pill. I had my 6 months of medically induced menopause after my surgery and am just to take the pill every day now until I want to have kids.

I was given the option to have another laparoscopy to see where I'm at 1 year after my surgery.

But I've heard that more surgery won't really help, and it makes sense. I've also heard more surgery might actually encourage more growth etc.  I'm not totaly against one more surgery just to see how much has come back and what I'm dealing with, and then not having it again if I can help it.

I've heard about combining DIM and Myomin to help kill all the 'bad oestrogens' floating around and that DIM especially, can really help slow down the endometrial growth.

Does anyone in the same boat of recurring endo have ant lifestyle tips?

Is anyone taking these? Or something similar?

What helps in the long term? I have a feeling it's always going to be like this, unless I'm one of those lucky people that has a baby and really slows down their endo after that.

Thanks for your time! I was about to order DIM online as it's on special this month for half price!
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And my pain killers were fine for the nerve pain/back pain I was getting while I wasn't bleeding.. but now that I am bleeding heavily again and it's a combination of cramps as well as the nerve and back pain, nothing seems to be working but I don't wanna be on something like codeine all the time :( please, any advice!
I recommend you check out the site ********************.com. it gives a bunch of info for dietary changes, such as avoiding soy, and natural supplements and superfoods. DIM is one one them. it also recommends progesterone cream during the second half of your cycle. exercise and stress-relieving activities such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, can also help. lifestyle has a huge impact on endometriosis..i have it as well but don't know the stage...i don't have any pain with it but am having a hard time getting pregnant..been trying for 9 months. i'm gonna get a hystosalpingogram next month. hope this helps!
I use Oregon Wild Harvest Turmeric (That is the only brand I have found that works). Bromelain Ttake it with vit c for better absorption), and I am gluten and dairy free. (Yes avoid soy).  To learn about what environmental things you need to avoid I recommend getting a hold of any book by the Endometriosis Association (You do not have to be a member to buy their books.)


I hope this helps,
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