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What is a Endometrium Polyp?
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What is a Endometrium Polyp?

I recently had a pelvic and internal ultrasound for various reasons. The Doctor I then saw was not much help in telling me what was going on. He just said I need to have an operation and have a better look. I am wondering if I really need this operation?

Ultrasound results are as follows:
5mm x 8mm fundal endometrial mass with no visable feeding vessel. It is suspicious for a small polyp.
Right ovary volume is 9ml, left ovary volume 3ml and several small folicles arise from each.
Prominent endometrium with a thin layer of fluid.

Over the past few years I have had a list of small complaints that I decided to investigate including:
Bleeding during toilet - number 2
Bleeding during sex
Pain during sex
Occasionally increasingly painful periods
Lack of pregnancy, this is not a current concern but I would like to know if there is an issue
Constant diarrhea  
Back ache

I'd like to know if I should worry about the Polyp and if my symptoms are linked in any way.
Am I worrying about nothing or just getting older. My GP keeps telling me it's stress but I'm not convinced.

Any help or advice would be most welcome as I'm not quite sure what to do next. Thanks in advance.
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Hi! i just have my D & C procedure last May 7, thats a mo. ago. after that minor operation (D & C) the diagnosis was an endometrial polyps. Last Oct 2008 that's the first time i experienced the a minor bleeding just what have experience...after urinating in the morning. and i would notice at the end of the day something brownish mark in my underwear.., i still have my periods but that brownish thing went until last May before D & C. Sometime in Jan. i consulted an OB and i was ask to submit to a TRS and i was found out to have a cyst in my left ovary, myoma on my uterus..just 1.2 cm.  But last May i went to my previous OB bringing her my TRS result for that month (May) and she noticed that there was a thickening of my endometrial wall and there's the presence of some vol. of blood so that's why she ordered immediately for my D& C.  and that's is...it's and endometrial polyps and now...my bleeding has gone ... if you don't have any complication...i suggest go for that operation as early as possible..because my doctor says it's safe to rule out if i have an endometrial cancer or none..so the earlier the better...and am happy that my result tells that theres no malignacy on the specimen that they got....have a nice day...take care of  your self...God Bless!
Hi ic4959! I was also diagnosed of having endometrial polyp just recently. And my ob told me that i will undergo D&C, but i feel hesitant. Is it safe? I just got married and i want to have a baby...
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