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painful bm's and rectal pain,ugh!!
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painful bm's and rectal pain,ugh!!

In March 08 I had laparscopy and the dr found endo on my uterus ligaments and I had severe adhesions on my intestines.I'am between stage 1 and 2 endo,I dont understand if its mild why I have so much pain when my friend has stage 3 and no issues.
     I have severe  daily painful bowel movements,especially in the rectum.When my bowels move I feel like I'm being kicked in my gut and I always have the urge for a bm even if I'm not constipated,I never feel "done" and always having crampy pain,I also been told I have IBS,or is this part of having endo? I also have bad gas and trapped gas pain (and severe bloating and pressure (adhesions on bowels? ) I either have the runs (sorry to be graphic) or constipated.Is there any hope or help for relief?  I also have had few partial small bowel obstructions from this.I've tried different diets,high fiber diets,liquid diets..nothing helps,I'm always miserable! I cant function or work ~at my wits end~Stephanie p.s I did have colonscopy..it was normal!
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Hi Stephanie

I know that endo can cause alot of intestinal problems. I have the same symptoms as you are experiencing. After the colposcopy they said the ywere unable to know if I had IBS because of all my other abdominal conditions. So I still am not 100% on whether mine is the endo or I have IBS.
     But endo can cause painful BM's and cramps.
There is still so much they dont know about Endo and why it may effect one person with pain and not the other even of the endo is at a higher stage. I know that someone I know had only tons of problems getting pregnant but never had a day of pain.
I myself dont know what stage I have as my Gyno at the times was terrible so I have to get another one as soon as I'm able to find a good DR.

Have you tried hormones like Depo vera or Lupron. You pain may get alot better if your DR can stop your Cycles. The endo reacts the same way your uterous lining acts during menstration. It gets inflammed and painful so stopping your menstartion can sometimes help.
Was your DR able to laser any of it out of there? I know that can sometimes help also.

You might want to come and check out the Pain Management forum here at MedHelp. Just go to the main forums page, look under "p" and click on pain management, its the first one listed.
There are a few people there with endo, including myself. And everyone understand what Chronic Pain is like and how it can really effect everything we do. Everyone is really supportive and understanding and knows alot about how to manage pain and getting referals to a DR who specializes in treating Chronic Pain.

I hope you'll come by and check it out!

I too have endo and IBS, it is painful, I go through EXACTLY everything you have talked about.  I also have IBS flare ups and bowl spasms which feel like a charlie horse in the rectum, when this happens my stomach swells to the size of me being 6 months pregnant.  After the flare up and my stomach goes down, it is tender to the touch.  I have been given pain meds and muscle relaxers for FM, I find that the muscle relaxer works the best when I feel a flare up.  My mother also has the same condition and they put her on valium which just knocks her out.  I don't know about you but when I have a flare up, I feel it coming about 30 minutes before.  
With the endo, I not only have severe cramps during my period but they are constant, of course they are worse with my period but the cramping never goes away.  
I'm sorry that you have to experience this.  Do you have a good doctor who you can sit down and talk to?  I know with the IBS, I went on a juice diet.  I went out and bought a juicer and started drinking a mixture of carrot, apple, cucumber and cabbage.  I know, it sounds nasty but when chilled its pretty good.  It made my IBS symptoms almost disappear.  It is quite expensive and a lot of work to juice but it is worth it if you can afford it.  It just became too expensive for me.  If you want to know more about juicing let me know.
HI,,I have many problems with my bowels,,so many times ive just sat on the toilet crying begging for help.  I started taking Miralax and its wonderful,,I have normal bowel movements with no pain,no strain,no bloating and feel great after words.  I also put a lot of vasoline in the rectum before a BM for the pain in the rectum its gives some ease when going.  I know all to well what your going through that pain you get when the BM is moving down towards the rectum is shear pain.  Hope I could help a little.  :)
My doctor says that people with mild endo often times have MORE pain than a patient with severe endo. I think it's b/c those who have it severly have soo much scare tissue that they've lost some feeling or something, I have no idea. I have Endo as well and I have the same painful BM's. Sometimes I want to pass out just before it happens, then once it's over I feel relieved. I think using fiber supplements helps but I still have episodes.
Hello,Thank you all for your replies and tips,I appreciate it ,and I feel better knowing I'm not alone,its a very frustrating/painful disorder.I been to a rectal surgeron who said I have a partial rectal prolapse that is minor,so that could be part of the problem plus endo and IBS,I lost 100lbs in a year because I dread eating,my digestion is so bad.Hopefully they will learn more about this and someday have an answer to a cure.Thank you all again! prayers!
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