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Did I really have a seizure
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Did I really have a seizure

I am a 30 year old Latina female with a history of hashimoto's thyroiditis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was on birth control pills and stopped them November 2008. On January 13, 2009 during a meeting at work, i was trying to speak and couldn't quite get the words out and I passed out and I was taken to the emergency room. I was admitted into the hospital due to very high CPK levels.

Initially the emergency room MD thought I had a case of Vasalvagal Syncope. I had a CT Scan, MRI, Sonogram of my vasal, and an EEG. All tests were normal other than the EEG which showed some slowing on the frontal right side of the brain. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days because my CPK levels were at 8,000.

Still it was unclear what had happened, however, I was told I possibly had a partial onset of a seizure. At discharge, the neurologist recommended I start Keppra (500 BID) until they could determine the cause since I have no family history and had never had such an episode.

I started the Keppra and had an EEG in May. As per the neurologist, my EEG reflected some spikes and that it is possible that I have a seizure disorder. he stated that unless I was planning to conceive, I should stay on the keppra a little longer or I could wean of at 1 keppra a day for 30 days and then stop. I am so confused because after this happened I have read so many different things. For example, that a person must have atleast two seizures before they are deemed an epileptic. i am seeing a speacialist in a few weeks but i need some insight...I have so much anxiety over what happened. the symptoms are so similar that sometimes, i can't tell whether it is just an anxiety attack or if i am having a seizure and going to pass out. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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