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First Seizure at 28 y/o. Need Advice please. :(
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First Seizure at 28 y/o. Need Advice please. :(

About a month ago, I had my first seizure.  I do remember most of it while it was happening, but I had no control as my arms and legs went out of control.  I had two seizures happen, about 5 mins apart.  By the time the ambulance drove me to the hospital, 2 miles away, I was unable to respond. I could hear/see them but couldn't move or speak.  After 3 days in the hospital, the EEG, EKG and a CATscan came out normal.  They put me on 1000mg of Keppra after having two other "mild" seizures.  They diagnosed me with complex partial seizures.
Next day out of the hospital, I blacked out while walking.  The day after that, I had a "spell" where I couldn't move my legs.  I ended up in the hospital again the next day with "Breakthrough seizures."  They increased my dosage to 2000 mg of Keppra and the EEG came out normal.
Few days after that, I ended up back in the hospital because I wasn't able to respond, or move my arms and legs.  They increased my dosage to 2500 mg of Keppra.

I've done better since I've been on 2500mg of Keppra and am waiting for a brain MRI, day study, sleep study and a 48 hr EEG.  But I have noticed if I don't eat, I start limping, my right foot goes inward, I start twitching and it is hard to speak.  I am unsure if it is just low blood sugar because the same thing happened before my first seizure and when I went to the hospital, they said my sugar level was good to go.

Any advice?
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I have myoclonic jerks because of my MS, and my doctor prescribed Keppra, which helps quite a bit.  

From a neurological standpoint, I always do better if I've eaten something.  It's as if my brain needs fuel to operate, and if I don't fuel it up, then I start to run down.

However, i wouldn't blame things on low blood sugar.  Definitely eat regular meals and stay healthy, and make sure that you won't be in any danger if you do have a seizure (for example, don't drive, and don't do stairs.)

Do you know what strength they plan on doing your MRI at?  I always recommend a 3T MRI for neurological changes, as it may pick up things that a lower-Tesla MRI would not.  
Thank you so much for your insight.  I am unsure of what strength they plan on doing the MRI.  I will be sure to try and get the 3T.  

How did you get tested for MS?  I just looked it up MS and
I have almost every single symptom.
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