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Is it epilepsy or Febrile seizures
my son is now two years and nine months old. he had a seizure at an age of one and a half
year (with 103 fever) which lasts for ten minutes. he had second seizure an year after the first one
which also lasts for ten minutes (with 103 fever).there was a gap of 1 year between the first two seizures
but then he had the third seizure just after one month of the second one (with 102 fever) .about twenty
minutes his body was shaking and his eyes were rolled back. we took him to the hospital
but he started responding to the enivornment after two hours. i forget to mention in the
start that  high temperature was  due to chest and throat infections in all the three seizures.

After two days of the third seizure we did his EEG  which turned as abnormal. the exact
findings of the EEG report are as under

"background rythem is mixed theta and alfa which are mature for him, few sharp waves and
frequent slow waves were observed on both sides more in temporal lobe channels which is in
keeping with siezure disorder, sleep spindle were seem many times during the recording,
photic stimulation did not induce any abnormal wave or rythm".

His doctor diagnosed him with epilepsy and advised  us to start anticonvulsant medicine(Sodium valproate) for
six months. we started the medicine and gave him for twenty days. we consulted another senior doctor for second opinion, he told us to stop the medicine because he consider them as simple febrile seizures. now we have stopped the medicine but we are still confused.

my questions for any doctor are.

1. is it an epilepsy or are they simple febrile seizers.
2 what does an abnormal EEG in my child's case means.
3. how we can protect our child from having seizures (with high fever) in future.
4. should we repeat the EEG and when.
5. do our child need any medication if yes which one.
6. what is the duration of seizure is it the time period of shacking and eye rolling or
   is it time of total recovery of child .

any kind doctor please answer my questions as here in Peshawar we do not have well qualified doctors.
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