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Thinking possible seizures
Hi there.

About 15 Years ago I was diagnosed with my first migraine.  I *was* 22 YOA @ the time.

Since then have had many, many migraines.

In the beginning of my migraine career, I went to a few military neurologists.  Although no tests (besides the standard pin *****, follow the light with your eyes in the examination room.)  No EEGs no MRIs-nodda.  Given DX of migraines.  Tried every propholatic (sp?) migraine med with out success.

I was just currently put on depakote 500 & then upped to1000 mg per day for my migraines.  Been on the depakote just a week & have had 3 migraines since.  Hoping to see good results from this.

Although, I digress...

(Note:  I go to VA hospital for neurological care & the 2 neuros @ that particular med cen stink out loud!  Sorry.  :(  )

About 2-3 years ago, I noticed strange, involuntary movements in my face, feet, & hands.  Especially when I am too hot ... usually in the summer.  (Although can happen @ any time)

When the odd movements happen, I have noticed an odd, slightly eurphoric (sp?)  wave wash over me & then slowly dissapates.

I have also definitely noticed loss of balance @ odd times, completely blanking out everyone around me, memory loss, & sometimes confusion in remembering events.

About a year or so ago, I went to the neurologist complaining of the never ending severe migraines, the weird jerking & involuntary movements.  She did an MRI said all looked good-be on your merry way.  

Neuro didn't know what to say about the jerking & involuntary movements.

It would be helpful to state I do have SLE (lupus).  Was DX'ed 5 years ago.

The meds that I have been on have not been known to cause T.D. or jerking movements.  And I just started the Depakote for the migraines.

I just started reading about "ictal headaches"-so I have not noticed a corellation (sp?) Yet between jerking movements & migraines.

Caveat:  I know thte symptoms listed here could mean a million & one things.  I get that.


Does it *sound* possible and/or likely that anyone presenting with a history as mentioned could have some sort of epileptic issue?

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