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Doctor said I am not suffering mono relapse- HELP!!!
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Doctor said I am not suffering mono relapse- HELP!!!

I have been very sick since Dec. 07.  I am sure I have Lyme Disease since I had a bulls eye, but neg. tests- but we all know the controversy of Lyme.

During the course of illness I was told I had an old infection of mono which I can equate to being in Feb. when I was VERY sick.

I saw my numbers were on the high side for my forst EBV test.  3 ago I suspected I had relapsed after a surgery I had since my glands were very swollen, I was in so much pain, and the fatigue I could never fight off, came back 10 times stronger.  I thought I was already suffering CFS, but I was bed ridden again out of no where.  I went back to get retested and told I was suffering depression (gotta love that- I'm not).

My test results came back with higher numbers then my 1st set which was drawn 1 month before.  I swear I relapsed- she said I am suffering no mono effects- what is an opinion on that?

Here are my results from both tests:

EB Ab VCA, IgM-  not on 1st test, 2nd test 18

EBV  Early Antigen Ab, IgG- 54 now 60

EbV Ab VCA, IgG- 2879 now 3001

EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG- 713 now 729

All my charts remained the same

Susceptable: -  -  -  -  
Acute  +  +or-  +  -
Convalescent +or-   +or-  +   +
Chronic or React  -  +  +  +or-
Old Inf.  -   -  +or-  +

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I would find another doctor if I were you. all of us here with EBV know how the medical community handles it. Either they don't believe in it because they don't know what to do about it, or it's easier for them to blame your symptoms on anxiety or depression because they can't find anything else in your blood test. Some doctors believe the everyone has EBV in their system and that it can't make you that sick. It most certainly can be reactivated especially if your body is under stress, The surgery may have done it. Look up Barbara Windsor and read her story. She is a british actress and she had reactivated EBV after she was in an accident. So, it does happen.
You need a second opinion. Try to find a doctor in your area that is knowledgable on EBV or chronic fatigue. Don't waste your time on a doctor who does not take your symptoms seriously. I went through that and pushed myself through the fatigue because I was told I was "depressed" , I now know that I probably made myself worse because I should have been resting. In either case. If it is a relapse. You have to REST, REST, REST...that is the best thing. Eat a good diet, and rest. That is all you can really do, but at least find a doctor to monitor you that believes you.

I would also find someone to do another Lyme test. You know there are different ways they can test you for it. Some of the tests are only 50% accurate, so they have allot of false negatives. The EBV will not go away until you get the Lyme under control. Many people with Lyme have coinfections, usually EBV.
You need to be treated for that. A good rhuematologist may be helpful. Let us know how you are doing.
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There is a physician who has natural formulas and is successfully treating both lyme disease and CFS patients. If I remember right, he had lyme disease himself.

Dr. David Jernigan has a new book out called "Beating Lyme Disease" --- as I said, his formulas are natural and I've read only positive things about him on the internet from many lyme diseae patients.

You may want to check it out. He also does phone consultations --- $50 for 15 minutes

Keep in touch,

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