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This patient support community is for discussions relating to Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), chronic EBV, and infectious mononucleosis (mono).

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In my last blood test the EBV was 4.59 and the EBV Nuclear AG >5. The test was mainly done during my thyroid check; I am also hypothyroid.
Anyway, I can finally explain way for years I always felt tired, I always got sick, with sore throat, joint pains, drain out and many more. And all of these in combination with the hypothyroid symptoms. I can remember as a child being tired, and sick, at least now at 50 I finally have an explanation.

I recently changed my thyroid medication. After a few weeks I start having again my 'usual' CFS symptoms. I started with sore throat, then my ankles got swollen and today I felt really bed, with severe 'flu like' symptoms. All these days I was taking lots of vitamin C. Everything cleared today coming home, I just start feeling better.

Is there an explanation for this?
Is there a cure for EBV/CFS? My doctor told me there is no such a cure. I see people following as called 'protocols'. Do they help?
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There is no cure for fibromaylgia (fibromyalgia) or CFS, but don't let any physician tell you that there aren't treatments available... because that is simply not true.

I hope you will consider joining the fibromyalgia / CFS board. I am the Community Leader in the forum and we've been discussing treatments, causes and other important information for people with these "syndrome". (I prefer to call them diseases).

In early October, Dr. Garth Nicholson will be joining us for an hour or so to answer all of our questions in the fibro / CFS board... so I hope you will join.

I hope that you will also read some of the discussions in this forum on CFS and treatment protocols for CFS patients.

As far as hypothyroidism problems in CFS and fibro patients... the majority of CFS and fibro patients do have a low thyroid. We were just discussing this in the thyroid forum this morning... here's the link :


Warmest Regards,

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