EBV Diagnosis How long will this last?
by ObjectiveGuy, Dec 16, 2009
Hi Everyone,
I'm brand new to this forum and thought I would post up and see if anyone else has been going through what I have the last 9 months.  I'll keep this as brief as possible.  First I had mono back when I was 23 and I'm now 36.  This all started with what the doctors told me was prostatitis.  Starting in April of 09 I had pain in my hip area and went in to the doc.  The doc told me my prostate was enlarged and I more than likely had prostatitis.  So then the high powered antibiotics started.  I had a number of other symptoms such as flu like aches and pains in my shoulders and arms but the doc assured me that all comes with prostatitis.  So this went on up until Oct 09.  Several different antibiotics and 2 uralogists later I went to another family doctor.  By this point I am just beat down and tell the doc that it feels like mono to me.  So she ordered some blood test for EBV and sure enough it came back extremely high is what she told me.  She said that all the antibiotics had destroyed my immune system and only made things worse.

Now it's December and I am no better.. actually feel worse.  My left side/lower back is killing me along with the weird aches radiating down my shoulders and arms.  I started on echinacea, vit B complex, vit C, vit D and a good multi.  Also, making/drinking a fruit smoothie everyday but nothing seems to be helping.  At this point I'm really worried it's something else causing this.  After a good 10 hour sleep I will feel okay but that only lasts for maybe 4 hours and then the pains come back.  By the time I hit the sack at night my lower back and side are hurting so bad I'm just about ready to go to the ER.

Can this be caused by my spleen?  I'm unsure what to do at this point.  It's to the point where I am working remote from home pretty much everyday now and resting in between tasks.  

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas how long this will last?  Anything I can try to help rebuild my immune system and get over this?  I have cut out all alcohol, sodas, etc and trying to eat as best as I can with little to no appetite.

Thanks in advance!

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by MrsMacDugle, Dec 19, 2009
Hi there, sorry to report to you that EBV as far as I know has no known cure.  I've been dealing with it for more years than I can count now, I also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia inconjuction with my EBV.  The best meds that they've given me also aid me with my depression from being so young & living in a twice my aged body. According to my doctors there isn't really anything that they can do for it. The pains that I undergo is from head to toe both sides of my body, arms, legs & torso are involved.  The medication as I said is generally prescribed for depression but it has a bonus side effect it take care of the pain. I'm at the maximum dose allowed & the doctors stay on top of my blood work as it does affect the liver & kidneys.

I'll lift you up in my prayers.
by benrm, Jan 31, 2013
Your post was from a while a go, but I want to add my two cents.  My EBV story also started exactly like yours.  I went to my urologist in Sep-2012 with what might be prostatitis.  He gave me Cipro (antibiotics) and VesiCare.  Early October, I fly to China on work and the trip destroys me.  I got no sleep going over and start feeling nauseous, fatigued, and lightheaded with no energy.  I go to my primary care doc who never test for EBV.  Fast forward to Dec-2012...I go to a new doc and he test for EBV and I have very high levels.  My primary care doc doesn't believe it but my new docs says, yes, you have or had EBV recently.  I went through so many test in between b/c my regular bloodwork was coming back fine.  

How long does EBV last?  Well, I had three months of feeling crappy and fatigued.  4th month was much better but not 100% but signs of being a normal person again.  I am starting my 5th month of this.  I had a very late meeting that ran until midnight the other night and that killed me the next day.  Very tired.  So, I am still very sensitive to not getting enough sleep but I have hope that it will run its course.

To MrsMacDugle:  I just read Dr Sarno's book, Mindbody Prescription.  He tooks about Fibromyalgia and pain that cannot be understood.  Might be worth a read.  He makes valid points and discusses EBV briefly.