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I had the following blood work done in the ER last night. Please give me your feed back. This doesn't make any sense to me.

Please note that I have worked in the middle east for the past year.

I have recently had continuous dull pain in my lower back. Urologist specialist appointment has been scheduled. Please help me understand what questions to ask.

Urinalysis shows no signs of blood in urine, infection, or particulate.


I have had issues with pain in my left chest that radiate into my left arm for several months.

As far back as 4-5 months ago, I have experienced moderate chest pain that radiates from left chest to my left hand, causing numbness.

3 months ago, I had a stress test without dye or scanning. I discovered that by doing several different types of shoulder stretches, I was able to "pop" my shoulder and symptoms would instantly subside. I began performing the stretches regularly and this pain subsided for several months.

Last night, I went to the emergency room experiencing symptoms that mimic a heart attack.

It started with symptoms similar to the pinched nerve mentioned above.

Shortly after, the following symptoms occurred:
Growing pressure in left chest that travelled down left arm causing numbness
Cramping pain in left shoulder that radiated to left elbow
Tight, stabbing pain in the upper left chest
Numb lips
Extremely warm without sweating
Pounding and racing chest

My baseline blood pressure was 156/89. My peak exercise blood pressure was 172/79. Cardiomediastinal silhouette is within normal limits. Trachea is midline. Pleural space are clear. Bones are unremarkable. Lungs are clear.

I had a Treadmill Cardiolite Stress test with SPECT imaging.

Stress test was negative.

SPECT imaging revealed the following:
Minimal hyperfusion in basilar inferior wall
Fixed basal inferior defect o/w diaphragm
No ischemia
EF 577

Basic Metabolic Blood Test
Sodium 138
Potassium 3.7
Chloride 101.0
CO2 28.4
Glucose 112 H
BUN 18
Creat Serum 0.91
Calcium 10.0
eGFR  >60&


WBC 6.7
RBC 4.83
Hgb 15.3
Hct 44
MCH 32 H
RDW 12.5
Platelet 221
Absolute Baso 0.0
Absolute Eos 0.1
Absolute Gran 3.0
Absolute Lymph 2.8
Absolute Mono 0.7
Basophil % 0.4
Eosinophil % 1.9
Granulocyte % 44.4 L
Lymphocyte 42.3 H
MCV 92
MPV 8.5
Monocyte % 11.0

D-Dimer < 0.22

Troponin I
Troponin I <0.15 on both baseline and follow up tests

The ER stated that they ruled out my heart as the cause of this issue.

What else could be causing this?

Is there anything note-worthy from my test results?

Should I be tested for anything else?

How is EPV / mono transmitted?

Is EPV / mono always chronic?
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Note that as of 1-2 months ago, I came down with a severe flu-like illness for about 1-2 weeks including outstanding fatigue, heavy cough, night chills, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in neck...

Since then, I have had constantly swollen nodes in neck and frequent sore throat and/or congestion related issues (down throat or fluid in ear etc). The fatigue issues are no where near as bad as they were during the period initial infection. I just sleep slightly more than usual.

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I have also experienced abdominal pain off and on over the last 3 months.
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