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chronic active ebv how long
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chronic active ebv how long

Just wondering ive been showing ebv igM and igG antibodies the last 6 months .ive never broken out in a fever im 35 years old and feel like everyday is a struggle . My symptoms include shortnessof breath, pains in the joints and muscles, sometimes mouth ulcers my skin feels like its sun burnt and i get red patches on my skin, hand, arms legs and feet that become very itchy and its hard to go to sleep if i dont take an antihistamine ... My right eye twitches alot and my left foot is in pain ... I have done many blood test for std s, ct scans and all i show is positive for active ebv ...some days i sleep for 15 hrs and i cant get out of bed this has improved though in the mornings it is the hardest i wake up and i feel i want to sleep again. i have also developed dermatographism the last 3 months....Does this ever go away or am i doomed for life ,im so weary of the future that ive done my head looking at info on the net for chronic active ebv that it is often fatal. Im from Sydney Australia and to the many Drs i have been to here its obvious they dont know much about it ...I dont know where to turn .
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Hi you really sound like your suffering..my sympathies for you...I'm 52 and contracted EBV in the late summer..I've been off work ever since...I irst had tonsillitis and was given antibiotics..but soreness came back, then I have mild sudden fevers they lasted a few weeks, very on and off, not permanat and not eay to detect..you might have thought you just had too many clothes on if you get me..Eventually the Doctor thought EBV....I have had a blood test for EBV..it ws negative but this isnt unusual espeacially if time has passed.

Other symptoms are swollen liver..this feels lke you have eaten far too much and bloated in area middle to right under rib cage to a couple of inches abouve naval area.

All Glands come up in body, some more than others when the 'attack' has come about again of EBV.....My muscles feel weak, just going upstairs feels hard....no pain!! just weakness.

I have heard you can get itchy skin with EBV.

It strikes me that many have it far worse than others.,.I dont have pain, but i do have swollen liver and spleen..both sre under and beneath the ribs at the front of you....I know I am nowhere near ill..and, as you know, there isnt a cure because its a virus...I'll tell you what measures i'm taking to support the immune system, and support the Liver which takes the strain of the virus.

Eat some toast before you have all vitamins...or food of some sort.

Large doses VIT C....4, 000 mg a day...............very effective for EBV
Largish dose of VIT E.. 500mg a day................very effective for EBV
1 -500mg of Siberian Ginseng........supports immune system
1- tab of VIT D....................check on net
1- tab of Wild Oregano Oil...potent check on internet
1 - tab Complex VIT B's................all important take full range of them
1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinigar...................excellent check on net..i take neat but you can add honey and water to it ..or buy the tablets.
1- tab of Omega 3 fish oils...check on net
1- tab combined mineral supplements


Important..buy ECHINACEA, liquid form, drop few drops (say 5) into water and drink plenty of water throughout the day...

Drink Apple juice that is pure, no added sugars.and add pure lemon juice to it.....this is very good for the Liver which is being over worked.

These sound a little weird........
Have two showers a day...the skin being clean supports the liver more
Brush teeth 3 times a day..again supports the liver

Lastly....walk a bit, dont be too sedate.....I know its hard when you have no energy or feel ill but it isnt good to do nothing at all in the form of exercise...just a little walk.....it halps Liver, Gall Bladder, Bowels etc.

If I dont do all of the above, I feel much worse..aches n pains and Liver swells and spleen and generally feel rough..I dont know which parts of the above are having absolute beneficial results for EBV but i know that something is......i have put to the test to some degree............

Ps...Wild Oregano Oil is a very powerful antioxident, it can also remove some iron from the body...i am seeing my Doctor about how much Iron I can safely suppliment in milligrams etc........check out on Net...it has to be the wild sort, you may have to order ...you know its removing some iron because feces can be dark after taking it..e.g. I took 3 in one day and they were very dark in the same way when you are pregnant and they give you iron suppliments, it makes feces dark...you dont want to loose too much iron from body so see Doctor about it..The benefits of Wild Oregano Oil are worht it...it will check bowel bacterias and stomach bacterias..that are unhealthy and can form when immune system is weak.

Good Luck to you......Karen

Ps I f anyone thinks this is over the top, it is because i dont intend to suffer with this damm EBV so whatever you can do to assist lowering the symptoms is worth it!!.
And this actually works more than when  i dont do it xx

Ps I meant i am nowhere near better...ha.....typo errors sorry....
Thanks karen for your support  will get on this .i guess the only way to win this is to get ontop of it
Hello, the single most important thing you can do is rest.  I know you said you're sleeping a lot, but how much are you doing when you're not sleeping?  It's still really the only known good way to "fight" EBV.  Aside from that, a healthy diet is important, and vitamins may help, but I wouldn't put a ton of emphasis on them.  As far as the skin issues, have you been tested for any allergies?  I have heard of EBV causing some epidermal problems, but from what I know, it's quite rare.  It may be that since your body is more worn down from the EBV, you're having a stronger than normal allergic reaction to something else.  Just a guess, but maybe worth checking out!
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