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Young and slim guy with weak erection problems seeking advice
Hi all,
I'm 25 years old, seeking advice to a problem that's been plaguing me for several years now - weak erections. I'm not sure when the problem started because I didn't realize it was a problem at first. Once I did, I slowly started to become more keen on finding a solution. I'll try to organize my thoughts in a digestible way and will be so gracious to any advice I can get.

The problem - I can get (weak) erections during sex or masturbation. I don't really get hard at all otherwise - not at night or in the morning or throughout the day. When I do get one, it's hard enough to penetrate in missionary, but certainly not a full erection. I've noticed that my corpora cavernosa (top) gets reasonably hard and the corpus spongiosum (bottom) and glans are totally soft. The hardness tends to go away easily. If I flex my PC muscle, I can get the glans slightly hard during the flex. My erection is never higher than horizontal. Aside, my testicles often hang very low (not sure if that's relevant). I feel it's also important to point out that I have a weak-ish urine stream.

Weight - I am a normal weight (150-160 lbs.) for my height (5'9"). I'm very lean and a little bit muscular. I've always been on the thin side.

Diet - My diet was poor when I was younger. I ate a lot of McDonalds and beef jerky and drank a lot of soda, etc. In recent years, I have made conscious efforts to rectify this. I eat more fruits and nuts. I actually enjoy vegatables now (which I rarely ate before). The same goes for milk, which I lately have been able to drink without strawberry/chocolate sugary goodness. I drink a lot more water now and am generally more conscious about what I put in my body. Admittedly, I have a lot of room to go as I still eat the frequent cheeseburger and french fries.

Drugs/alcohol - I've never smoked or taken any drugs at all. Drinking alcohol is a very rare activity that I've only begun to do in the past couple years, infrequently and in moderation. When I drink, it's possible that my erections are harder but I have no solid evidence on that.

Exercise - In my youth, I was never very active. In the last 5 years I have gradually worked my way up to exercising 3 days/week average. The average work-out is a mixed hour of lifting weights and running.

Diagnosis - I saw a few different doctors (years ago now as I no longer have insurance). The results:

Cholesterol test - I can't remember the exact results, but they were low - somewhere between 100-150. The doctors I've talked to act like that's great, but there is a condition known as Hypocholesterolemia which they apparently are unaware of.

Cardiologist - I have an irregular heartbeat which I understand is the result of a murmur(?). I admit that I don't know much about what's going on here. If I recall correctly, my blood pressure is usually 120/80 when I test at the drug store machine.

Visit with Urologist - He acted like I was crazy and had me take a diabetes test, which came back fine.

Visits with new PCP - She was the most helpful and truly was looking for a resolution. She ordered a couple tests for which the results were supposedly normal, prescribed me a dozen viagra to try out, and referred me to a psychologist specializing in sexual problems.

Visits with psychologist - Although it was fun/interesting talking about sex and my body with a total stranger, this is not what I needed. I think by now I can tell the difference between a physical problem and a mental problem manifesting itself as physical.

Herbs/pills - Since I identified I had a problem in 2003, I have experimented with 1-2 dozen different "supplements". Mostly all of them have an effect of some kind. Occasioanlly, they don't. The urologist I met with told me they're worthless and that they don't do anything. He definitely was mis-informed. Although I try to not make a habit out of taking those, it feels great to get an erection that feels more "normal". I also took a few Cialis pills of my uncle's and that felt the best, better than the Viagra. After taking that, I know what feeling I'm striving to achieve.

I'm here to find out what further steps I can take. Should I completely cut soda and burgers out of my diet? Should I exercise more frequently? There are overweight guys who eat terribly and never exercise that get erections just fine. Should I try to get tested again for cholesterol, diabetes? Should I get some new tests like anemia or thyroid? I'd need these tests/screenings to be cheap or free. I'm desperate for advice. I'm uninsured. I'm willing to do whatever I have to in order to get some help.
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