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21 with ED?

Hi, I am 21 years old, I don't smoke and I don't drink and asides from some acid reflux I have no other known medical issues. I am not very happy with where my life is headed at the moment however I do not think I suffer from serious depression.

I have noticed throughout the years my sex drive and ability to hold an erection has gone down considerably. I remember a time when just talking to someone of interest about sex would get me aroused and start an erection.

Now I require hand stimulation, and the days of mental arousal seem to be over. Another thing I noticed as that when I do have an erection to maintain it without stimulation is difficult. It will subside rather quickly, within 20 seconds sometimes.

I have been in a few sexually active relationships. My recent one however did not end well. I was not physically attracted to her near the end and we never had sex for any prolonged period of time due to distractions (other people in the house) it was more of a finish or go soft scenario where I either finished quickly or I would simply lose my erection in the middle, On the the rare occasion we were completely alone I would try to last longer by coming close to climax and slowing down but after a few times it was as if my member called it quits and I lost my erection...

I used to masturbate a lot in my teens and was wondering if this too could have some sort of effect in which vaginal intercourse was simply not stimulating enough..

This problem is really bothering me to the point where I do not look forward to sex because its become almost predictable... I hear about guys getting erections by just having a woman rub against them, or having one while they give oral. I can never achieve a proper erection like this.

Can anyone suggest a course of action or possibly have an idea of what's going on here?
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Hi S, So just how much was you masrurbating, and was this at anytime to porn, and just how long ago are we talking about, and are you still masturbating now, and just how much.
Ok These are erection killers.
To little sleep.
High cholestrol.
Self image
Low libido
Your health
Low testosterone
Do you think that your having any of these problems.
Please come back
For masturbation we are talking at least once a day, to a few times a day usually to porn but before I could do it without.. This probably went on until about 2 months or so ago.

I stopped for a a good few weeks then started again but much less at around 2-3 times a week. I read about porn induced ED which is why I cut down..

In general I don't get much sleep, as for the rest of the list I would say to some extent I have.
Anxiety, Anger, Stress, Depression, and this week in particular Low Libidio.. I know I am interested in sex but its just like my member is not responding whatsoever....

I had a blood test for testosterone level but that hasnt come back in yet...

The fact I am in this situation I think is feeding some of the above mentioned things like depression, anger etc.
Hi S, Well I think you have hit the jackpot
Well the over masturbating will have to go along with the porn, so we start there, you should have read more on porn enduce ED, which from what I can read is your main problem, and the rest come form this, would you think that is right?
So for a start you now need to do an 8 week break from masturbating and all forms of sexual contact, by doing this you should reboot your body, if you stick to it, so clear away all your porn sites, ditch any porn downloads, and throw away any porn discs, and need to try and forget any images you have in your brain, this will help thats if you think you need help.
You can google natural ways to beat stress, that may help that bit, try relaxing, this may help you to sleep better.
Now you have not said but if you have a women in your life you will need to be straight with her to what is going on and hwo she can help you by not wanting sex or any thing else to do with sex, because she cannot arouse you, I will send you an email with some simple herbs that could you regain your erections.
Hope this helps you.
Good Luck
any updates on this?
Ill let you know at the end of 8 weeks I guess haha.
ok thanks. I appreciate it.
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