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21 year old otherwise healthy male with ED and perineal pain. Please he...
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21 year old otherwise healthy male with ED and perineal pain. Please help!

I am a healthy, STD free (recently tested) 21 year old male.
I've been to the doctors multiple times and they have been little help.

I have trouble getting and maintaining an erection. I am only able to expel pre-*** and cannot reach orgasm.

I may have pelvic floor dysfunction as when I relax I can feel a bulge/tightening of muscles in the perinium as though there's something (intestine from a hernia?) pushing against the skin between my testicles and anus. At the same time as the muscle contraction my penis (erect and flaccid) contracts as well. There is also sometimes a tingling or heated sensation in my groin and perineum.

I'm certain I have some problem affecting my Bulbospongiosus muscle but don't know what it is.
In the recent past I have has prostatitis but that was fully treated.

I had bilateral inguinal hernias as birth and lately I've noticed a bulge on the left side that goes away but sometimes there is sharp visceral pain the the bulge emerges.

If anybody can tell me if these are all symptoms of an inguinal hernia or something else. Inguinal hernia doesn't really explain the discoloration at the head of the penis, the erectile dysfunction, or perineal pressure. I really need help. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Tags: perineal pain, Bulbospongiosus, Inguinal hernia surgery
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Hi. I have the same symptoms as you. 24 year old male, have had this problem since 19. How is your situation now. Is there any hope for us?
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