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Cant Keep erection for long time
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Cant Keep erection for long time

Hii every one. I am 25 years old, recently started a new relation ( also my first one) . i am having the problem of keeping erection for long time. At the starting i will get very good erection. and the we start playing for some time. then the problem starts. when i am playing i am loosing  my erection and becoming soft. and then i cant get it back.I need to mastrubate my self for some time to get back the hardness and then we r having sex, but in that 5 mins she is loosing that excitement what she had during palying.. But i feel stupid, having my girlfriend beside me and i am mastrubating myself. i think even she is feeling bad. I should say she is the only girl i had sex with. we are having sex daily since 45 days. some times 2 times a day. but every time i either used my hand or we had sex without any play.
Some times i am hard and when we r making out, suddenly i am loosing my erection inside her which is soo embarsing..
i dontknow whats happening with me. Is it normal loosing the erection during play? . If so how can i get it back when we wanted to have sex immediately after palying. she is using her mouth, hand and all possible ways to make me hard. some times it works, some time it dont.. i am in a pretty confused satge. please some one shed some light in my problem .

I thank you verymuch in advance.
Hi Star, But it seems not a shinning star, OK it could be simple thing like you not really into here and we need to consentrate on what were doing when having sex, and dont forget its a two way thing, or your starting to get some ED, have you or do you masturbate to porn, this seems to be a big problem topday as its so easy to get on line, and the effects are bad as your finding out, to get over that its going to be 8 weeks with no sexual contact, no masturbating, no sexual contact of any kind with your girl friend, it that is the case, the reason for doing this is to reboot your body and clear your mind, and the last thing is to clear your computer out of porn sites anything downloaded and anything on disc throw them away.
Below you find some herbs they will do sex life some good, as they will bring heat down below.
Good Luck

But some things, simple things you could try are Cayenne, Garlic and Ginger.
OK the Cayenne mix in tomato paste and thin with olive oil, mix to a heat that suits you, this you take 3 small spoonfuls 3 times a day, the Garlic a whole head and cloves chopped very fine, again mix with olive oil, and take the same 3x3 as above, wash both down with water, and take on alternate days, and last the Ginger this I keep in the freezer, grate down a pile to the size of a large egg, put in a mug with a slice if lemon, either micro wave 30 sec or just add tea black or green, green is best for ED, add some honey, all the Cayenne, Garlic, Ginger, and the Green tea are all good for your blood and its flow down below and all should help with your erections, you can google them for more info, just add ED to them.
With this you could either try some Tribulus a herb ,it will help with your testosterone, boost your libido and energy levels.
The Tribulus takes around 8 weeks to get to full power, you, and after the 8 weeks cut down to 5 days out of 7, the reason for this if you keep taken 7 days a week, then they wont work the way we want them to, OK
If you can get hold of some herbal Tribulus, make a 2 pint tea pot with green tea and let it steep over night, and drink with Ginger, lemon and honey through the next day, after the first 2 mugs refresh the pot to full with boiling water, and it will last the day well, or save some for the next day.
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