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ED - various symptoms all related?
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ED - various symptoms all related?

Hi, I am 39. My symptoms:

Lower back pain - caused by heavy lifting. MRI showed disk bulge at s1, slight tear in a disk wall. Some nerve impingement at s1.

Sometimes constipated, sometimes diarrhea. Stool looks weird, w/ undigested bits, sometimes mucous. No blood. Big increase in flatulence. Often sharp pain low in stomach, near genitals; pain subsides after going to bathroom.

When urinating seated, urine flows, then little more few min. later, then little more. Often discomfort at tip, slight burn. Weak stream, unless lots of water to vacate. As if I am at will of gravity, can't apply force to stream. No nighttime urgency, no incontinence. Urinate more frequent than normal but when need arises, not overwhelming. Doc did flow test and was normal & imaged through urethra & said all ok, to include prostate.

Often phlegm in throat. Rarely makes its way out throat.

Often I burp.

Constant ringing in ears.

ED. Entire area doesn't feel right, maybe nerve related and/or circulation. Often wake up w/ erection but often not. Inconsistent. Often if I get an erection then stand, erection ends. Often takes long to orgasm or erection ends. Oral sex does not produce awesome sensation like before. Sometimes ejaculation barely shoots out, as if blockage, same blockage (or other phenomena) causing weak urine stream. Ejaculation not painful. Viagra works, but often feel like won't reach orgasm because of dull feeling.

Often numbness in legs, dizziness, light headedness. Weird feeling in thighs. Legs will fall asleep if crossed. When I lift weights if I strain too hard feel sudden sharp pain between groin and upper thighs.

When I work out I notice tailbone pain when I sit on bench. Weird sensation in rectum, squishy feeling, like something soft popping, like fart being squeezed out.

Resting heart rate low 60s. Cholesterol, blood pressure good.

Symptoms arose ~ Nov ‘10. Oct ‘10 was in Ukraine. Std tests neg. Urine tests neg for bacteria.

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Hello all,
I am 26 years old guy. From the age of 15 i am masturbuting regularly. Now the problem is when i talk to my girlfriend daily over phone or when we go out and sit together and talk normally with in few minutes i feel there is sticky precum in my undies. Just touching her, or talking over phone, getting little aroused i find massive precum. I want to cure this problem. Plz help me. I am not able to prepare for my exams. I also ejaculate in 2-3 minutes. Plz help me out.  plz suggest about my precum problem. I am feeling that i am getting weak day my day. Dullness on my face bcoz of this precum problem. Plz plz help me.
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