ED, Libido, Nexium
by Elio1974, Apr 16, 2011
am 36 years old male, with a case of ED, i have done all the blood test and my testosterone level was in the normal range, i start taking Nexium 3 to 4 years back 20 mg once a day, i stopped smoking 4 month ago (i used to smoke shesha, which is normal tobacco, am active, do exercise 3 to 4 times a week, i sleep well most of the time, i got a morning erection around 3 times a week (that was i noticed) some times hard one and some times soft one,    my erection and libido is getting less since around 3 years ago, am using cilais  some times 5 mg which is really help but i dont want to depend on medication

my questions are:
1-does nexium cause ED or lose of libido ?
2- if yes is it reversible
3- if yes how long does it normally takes to get back to normal if i stop taking nexium??
4- using of cialic will make me depend on cilais for the rest of my life ??
5- am using 5 mg of cialis does that mean i will need to use 10 mg or 20 mg with time ? when i get older ?
many thanks
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by palpateit, Apr 22, 2011
There are reports that nexium can raise prolactin levels. Excess prolactin can inhibit testosterone. But doctors should be able to measure tha. What they cannot not meausre is that high prolactin can decrease dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is necessaryu for many things including erections and libido. Prolactin is released at orgasm to prevent you from getting an erection.

Google prolactin and nexium. You can also google prolactin dopamine orgasm - to find out more

Another common, but unrecognized cause of ED is excessive porn use. This is a good thread for porn-induced ED: