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ED and artery blockages ????
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ED and artery blockages ????

Hi everyone... I was watching Oprah the yesterday and Dr Oz was on and one of the topics he touched on was ED. I wanted to know if any of you have been told what he said about it, which was... if you have ED the chances are high that you have other blockages in your arteries that could lead to serious health problems, such as heart attack and strokes. He said that one main reason why ED happens is because the two arteries that go into the penis are starting to get blocked and that is why the blood can't rush in and do it's job (if ya know what I mean).

I've also been told that it can be caused by Diabetes, is that true?

I'm actually inquiring because of my father (i know way to much info for his daughter but he's open about everything)... I'm concerned about him because he tends to blow things off and not ask questions and follow up with his Dr.He see's him regularly but his dr is I quess just kinda laid back and doesn't make a big deal out of anything and then my dad doesn't push the issue. What a pain.

Well what ever help you can offer would be appreciated because I know nothing about the subject. Thanks.
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ok, your Dad has ED, and you're interested in what causes it?

Yes, ED can be caused by heart disease and diabetes. Mild blood sugar problems can cause heart disease long before turning into diabetes. It is a bad cycle.

Here's an article outlining the main possible causes: (there are plenty more, but these are the main ones)

You can ask your Dad if he has had a fasting blood glucose or HbA1c test done. The A1c is better. That test will tell you something about his blood sugar and his heart attack risk both. You can read up on it over at www.bloodsugar101. If he doesn't want to go back to the doc, he can get the test on his own, fairly easily and relatively inexpensively at a DIY lab such as

Does he have any signs of metabolic syndrome? The main one is that his waist/hip ratio is off. Men aren't supposed to have "beer bellies." This is the first thing to work on. Oddly enough, a great way to lose weight, for some people, is to check their blood sugar. Avoiding foods that make the meter soar will help lose pounds faster.

Does he have copies of his cholesterol test numbers?
There are 2 ratios that are of interest

If these ratios aren't good, look into the Track Your Placque program.
If the A1c is high, consider the Bernstein Diabetes Forum.

In other words, there are plenty of things your Dad can do about this problem without setting foot in a doc's office.
Hi...thanks for the info. I will look it up probably tomorrow, cause i'm sleepy now. But just to update. My dad did go to the doctors and ask lots of questoins because of the information i gave him. I'm very surprise about it, he ususally doesn't ask about anything. He told me he's fine, basically. I asked if there was any test he should do because he has so many risk factors and his comments are "i'm not asking for them to go looking for something that isn't there"...basically until it causes a problem that the Dr feels is a problem he isnt' going to look any further "test wise" into the problem. Again I will read up on the links you sent and who knows maybe i'll be able to convince him to do more for himself. thanks again. ~Karen
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