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Erection problems
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Erection problems

I am 23 yo, athletic.
I have been experiencing some problems with my erection.
Before 2 years i had a failled erection when i was about to have sex with a girl and eversince i had the same problem with 3 more girls...
But in these 2 years i also had 3 very succesfull sexual performances the one i was able to have 4-5 times sex with a girl in one night the other 2 where again 1 night episodes but with just one time each night....
Also i can sustain an erection when i masturbate every time....
It seems that i only loose my erection when i am about to get intimate with a girl
And usually i get one when we start to make out but i loose it when we are about to have sex....

Are men that have ED can masturabate succesfully or have some succesfull sexual intercourses.
Do i have ED?
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Avatar m tn
Do you mean masturbation with porn??

If you are under 40, and not on specific medications and don't have a serious medical condition, the causes of your copulatory ED are almost certainly anxiety or porn—or a combination of the two. Here's a simple comparison test to check for porn-induced ED:
1. Masturbate to your favorite porn.
2. Try to masturbate using no porn and no fantasy - only sensations. Masturbate with same speed and pressure as you would during intercourse.
Compare one and two. How erect was your penis? How long did it take you to reach orgasm? What was your level of excitement? A healthy young man should have no trouble attaining a full erection and masturbating to orgasm without porn or fantasy.
1. If you have a strong erection on #1, but problems on #2, then you have porn-induced ED.
2. If #2 is strong and solid, but you have trouble with a real partner, then you have anxiety induced ED
3. If you have problems during both 1 & 2, you may have severe porn-induced ED, or an organic problem. When in doubt, see a good urologist.

The following 2 links are to Medhelp threads on porn-induced ED. Read the stories.

On  GOOGLE VIDEO find  “Erectile Dysfunction And Porn” - watch the video series.

Here’s a Psychology Today article on it
Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem

Avatar m tn
Hey dude thanx for the info.....I did the test that you proposed and i started with the masturbation with no porn or fantasy it got me more time to achive an erection but once i got it i could maintain it. Then i put my favourite porn and contunue masturbation to complition.
Ok so I saw that without the porn i did not have the best erection that i can it mas still hard but not to the optimal point also i had trouble geting it up.....
And i was not so exited
But then with my favourite porn i was very excited and my penis got hard very quickly and before i ejaculate for 2 minutes it was rigid and very stiff.....

So I guess i should cut down on the porn?
Or its just anxiety?

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