I can only get a "semi-hard" erection and go soft easily.
by Johnnyk1, Jan 13, 2011
First off, I'm 19 and the last time I had sex aside from the last few days was about three years ago. I tend to masturbate quite a bit, usually around 3-4 times a day, depending on if I'm at home or out doing things (obviously). I've been having sex the last few days with a girl and I've been having a lot of trouble getting a stiff, solid erection and some times if I pull it out for 5-10 seconds I can't get it back in again because I'm too soft.

Could this be because if potential over-masturbation? Is there any natural way to get a more stiff, throbbing erection? It would be much better for both me and my partner and I'm thinking about turning to drugs soon if I can't figure out a natural way to increase the hardness of my erection. Thanks in Advance.

P.S. - I've never really had a very hard erection when I masturbate either, which leads me to believe it might potentially be because of over-masturbation? Just a little more info.
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by trdofbeingtrd, Jan 13, 2011
A couple questions please.
1. Do you take any drugs and or medications at all? Please be honest, there are people who do drugs that come here for help.
2. When you masturbate, is it over aggressively?
3. When you have sex is it overly aggressive?

The reasons I asked these three questions is because:
1. Illegal drugs and or prescription drugs can have an affect on your sexual health.
2. Masturbating that often in itself most likely wouldn't cause this, but if you masturbate this often, and are overly aggressive physically, it could cause this. When you masturbate, your sensitivity goes down. I am not saying this is how it always is for everyone, but I know it is the case for me for sure. I am not circumsized and if I don't masturabate a couple days before having sex with my wife, I get off really easy. If I masturbate just once a day or two before having sex with her, I can go for a decent amount of time.
3. Depending on posistions you use or perform your penis can "hit" the areas of her private areas and hitting the penis can cause it to soften.

I am not meaning to insult you with this information just in case you already knew, I am just telling you in case you didn't know.

Something to try is not masturbate for three days, no sex for three days, and then have sex. If this does not work, you can talk the problem over with a doctor AND therapist. The doctor will fix it if it's a physical defect, the thrapist can fix it if it's a mental/emotional problem. I would reccomend going to the therapist first, only because you might not need medications (which people become dependant on) to fix this issue. If you have any other questions or need to talk, feel free to message me.
by Johnnyk1, Jan 13, 2011
1) I've been smoking weed lately for the first time in a long time. I'm also on a pro-hormone drug called Epistane used for working out.
2) I masturbate quite fast and "aggressively" daily and did a couple times during the day before I had sex.
3) I didn't notice hitting a wall or anything, just I would go softer if I pulled out for even like 5 seconds and it was hard to get it back in because I lost it.

I'm thinking it's because I've been masturbating like multiple times daily for like the past 6 years and haven't really had much sex at all. I'm going to go cold turkey on masturbating and see if that helps. Thanks for the info and if you have any more I'd appreciate it.
by trdofbeingtrd, Jan 13, 2011
I think it's the masturbating. Just stop for 3 to 4 days, have a good time with your gf, and see if it works.

Find out if Epistane can affect your sexual drive and or erectile dysfunction. The marijuana should not have a bad effect like that. I mean, I dont' know, it can, but I am pretty sure it don't.

let's see how it goes.
by princecharm, Jan 14, 2011
Anything in excess is harmful. This applies to over-masturbation also.Over-Masturbation leads to Loose Erection and even time results in loss of Penile length. Apart from this many other factors also affects erection i.e smoking,drinking,state of mind during sex, and stuffing weeds etc. However you are just 19. Its not too late to get yourself cured. Many people use Viagra/Generic Viagra to over this problem. But this suggestion is not for you. I request you to consult doctor. He may advice you something according to your age and health condition.
by Johnnyk1, Jan 14, 2011
Okay I'll stop doing it for a long time and see if it helps at all. And if it doesn't seem to help I'll probably go get the opinion of a professional. Thanks a lot for the info!