Abdominal Muscle Spasms
by AngelinaB, Mar 30, 2007
For almost 1 year now I have had horrible muscle spasms in my abs when I do sit ups. I do a lot of running and other exercise and my abs never tighten up like that any other time other than doing sit ups. Everytime I try to do sit ups I can get through about 10 then the upper right abdominal area completely tightens and feels like a really really bad charlie horse. I'm just looking for any advice or experience with this that anyone can give me. I saw my family doctor and he said it's not a hernia and it could maybe be my gallbladder. With everything I've read online about gallbladders it doesn't seem like that is it to me. Just wondering if anyone can give me some help!
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by live4fitness, Mar 30, 2007
It does NOT sound like gall bladder ( I have had mine removed). I have had something like this happen but not under the same secomstances. I would look at your mineral and electrolyte intake. You might need to bump up on that
by AngelinaB, Apr 03, 2007
Thanks for the advice! I will take a look at that!
by Icyfyah, Sep 04, 2007
Thank You for this section, I have been having the same identical problem for years now. I sincerely want to get back in shape and lose weight, but excerise comes to a SCREECHING HALT when it comes to sit-ups due to the pain associated after reaching 4-10 sit-ups.

At first I thought it may have been from childbearing, perhaps the loss of muscles or maybe some damage was done. Throughout all the weight gain over the years and unstable weight fluctuation I became confused! Afterall, childbirth can do a lot of damage to a womans body. But others have also recommended increasing water intake and electrolyte suppliments of some sort. I will give this a try because in all honesty I do not drink as much water as I should. (ashamed @ this!)

Thank You once again!
by fatboi13, Sep 09, 2007
I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I was doing sit-ups in the gym when suddenly my stomach "knotted" together and it was so painful. It had happened before but I don't know when it will strike next. I first had these spasms like about 15 years ago, but it was only like three or four times in over a 6 years period. It was really painful, and I had consulted doctors and no logic answers was given. I thought I was experiencing some kind of weird pain. Then I had a few other guys told me that they had that problem too. So, what caused it ?  I think it happens to both gender and it is not fun. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
by live4fitness, Sep 10, 2007
I would look into bumping up your potassium intake. It might be muscle cramps
by JH509, Dec 27, 2007
I have had this exact same problem and asked my doctor about this.  When I do a sit up right below my breast bone will knott up like a charlie horse.  I am 51 and out of shape.  A nurse friend also recommended potassium.  My doctor said to do as man sit ups each day that as my muscles began to take shape this cramping should go away.  It is very painful and when it happens it takes along time to be able to sit back up. LOL!!  I hate it and I will get back in shape.
by soaperbeth, Jan 02, 2008
I have had this problem for nine years now. It happens when doing sit-ups, but also when I'm just relaxing....normally on my right side.
My feet, ankles and calves also have this problem.
I'm healing from a broken tibia which I believe was all related to these spasms. I was a long distance runner, but was told by my doctor not to run anymore.  
by Rlyons99, Jan 23, 2008
I am 45 year old male and have had the same problem over the past 3 years.  Thought it could be hernia or gallbladder but doctor said no.  I had a appendectomy 12 years ago that left a big scare and apparently a lot of scar tissue underneath.  My doc recommended Calcium Citrate with Magnesium plus more water during the day.  It still happens once in a while but not as much.
by kevinhaswell, Mar 24, 2008
I am an athletic person who works out about 3-4 times a week. Last week I had a re-occuring injury while cleaning up the house. When I bend down too many times my stomach contracts and I feel pain in my abdomin and testicles. I only feel pain on my lower right side abdominal wall. I went to my family doctor who could see visual swelling from one side of my stomach more than the other. The doctor told me that it was not hernia but an abdominal strain instead that it would take time to heal. I just wondering does this sound right? How do I prevent this from happening? Why does my right side testiles hurt than?

Can anyone give me some advice or treatment? I want to work out again but I can't.