Coughing and Throat Burning with Exercise
by CycleMunk, May 22, 2007
I hoping someone can shed some light on a problem I have.  I'm an amateur competitive cyclist, and general cycling nut.  I have had this problem that occurs several times a year, for the last six or seven years.  It always happens at the beginning of a training ride, after warm-up and the first hard effort I do (interval or otherwise).  After I stop the hard effort to recover (and usually repeat) my throat starts burning and gets extremely dry.  I can
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by pndamac, May 28, 2007
I have had simular issues. My advice would be to talk to your doctor, because it sounds like exercise induced asthma. I have it and so does my son unfortunately. I just take a breathing treatment before I go workout and I am fine. It sounds like it's mild like mine is and can be a great annoyance when trying to workout. You could try the over the counter meds for asthma, but they are not as effective as a prescription from the doctor. I hope this helps!
by beyla, Feb 22, 2010
dear cycle munk

   you may have sinsitus- or polmunary hypertension- a rare lung disorder-that may cause shortness of breath or dizzyness and faintness- also u may half to go online and search your symptoms. yes, you may have asthma but i would also look into it- sometimes we may be a little better doctors ourselves--but for sinsitus its when you throat gets very dry- though i highly doubt you have tht.but as for doctors i really think that this could be dangerous, some of your symptoms might be fatal, please look into it.
        Good Luck!
by diabetic_18, Mar 08, 2010
i was running outside and it caused my throat to burn really bad idk what 2 do about it i couldnt catch my breath im not sure what happened i almost passes out it was that bad any suggestions?
by Captedge_tn, Jul 09, 2010
I also have experienced this, found it was due to acid reflux!  What is just an aggravating condition normally becomes a totally different thing while exercising vigorously (I'm also a cycling nut) I was also thinking it was heat related but it turned out to coincidence.  If you consider the effects of stomach acid gurgling up your throat while breathing deeply...'nuff said.
by mavara1022, Jul 15, 2010
Pay special attention to the WATER that you drink. Tap water might be your problem. water is different from one city to another. Bottled water could be a good choice for you.
by Inshape1, Sep 13, 2010
Did you ever go to the Doctor and ask about your symptons.  I just started doing more intense cardio then I normally do and am having the same exact issue.  Curious what you found out, or if this is still happening to you.
by Dr AroraBlank, Dec 17, 2010
Hi, the burning sensation in the throat during exercise indicates towards gastro esophageal reflux disease. This happens sometimes due to decreased lower esophageal sphincter pressure. It is aggravated by exercise. Europe or consult your doctor and get some prescription medicines for this problem. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to recover. I hope this helps.