Dislocated Patella
by Dislocated Patella, Jul 17, 2007
in 2002, i dislocated my patella whilst playing football, it had happen 3 times to me before, but i insisted i carry on playing.

I have tried several exercises to build up the muscle around my knee again, but without success i love to exercise and i love to run, but find it hard at times, very painful below the knee capp area.

Does any body have any ideas what could be wrong and why the knee building exercises given to me dont help? Can i ever play contact sport again or even run or do i have to face facts and just not exercise, the latter is not really an option! i would hate not exercising...

Any auggestions? is surgery an option?
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by jifnif, Jul 17, 2007
i am not an expert nor have i ever been in this situation.  have you contacted an orthopaedic dr??  i would think that they would have better answers for you.  Maybe surgery or a brace???  dunno but what would it hurt to make an appt??? :)
by D30, Jul 19, 2007
Hey, I can tell you about patellas the sublex. I have 2 of them and have dislocated atleast 10-15 times each. The last being the end of my sport playing days. I was going into third base and the coach was telling me to get down. However I seen the ball wasn't close so I tried to stay out of the slide. When I did both knees severly dislocated. The left stayed out for nearly 15 seconds. It was the worst pain I have ever been in. On the way to the hospital the medic was giving me morphine through my vein and it didn't kill the pain. I went through all the rebuilding. The reason the knee does this is because you and I where born with a flat instead of a valley for the knee to hinge in. When it is flat the knee can go side to side. If the knee has the valley to ride in it has the walls to stop it. I have know got severe Arthritis under both knee caps. I was training for a half marathon and told the doctor I didn't want to waste all the training I had done. He put me on pain medication to help get through the 1/2 marathon. I finished it as dumb as it was and am paying like h*** for it. I hate to tell you, but most of your exercising days are over. When this happened to me I also was bench pressing 485 pounds and was eating 20-30 pounds of chicken a week. Red potatoes and sweet potatoes, all the good stuff. I had to quit. I have gained nearly 40 pounds of fat. I hate it. Everything I try hurts or involves my knees. The doctor said swimming, but I still have to kick my knees. I still try and run, but it hurts like a beotch. I use to run 40-50 miles every week. Now I am lucky  to do 10 a month. I can tell you just eat right and keep your calorie intake down. Some days are worse than others with the pain. We are going to visit knee replacements again soon for me. This will keep me from turning my knee wrong. Just think I am only 34. This started when I was 30.5. IT SUCKS being the most competive m ffferrr and then being told stop. I feel you bro and good luck. Feel free to ask any question you may have.