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Exercise and bruising
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Exercise and bruising

Two months I began an exercise program with a personal trainer. Along with a cardio component, part of the regimen includes exercise machines, i.e. Leg Press, Lat Pull, Glute machine, ab/adducter, etc. I have begun noticing strange bruises on my legs and arms. I can't recall bumping or banging my leg, or arm on any of the equipment.

Could the bruises be a result of injury to muscles or something?
The trainer doesn't seem to be familiar with anything like this.

Thank You
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Gosh, this reminds me of several years ago when I was really low on vitamin B12 and didn't know it. I was bruising so easily that almost any contact left a bruise. Because it did happen so easily I never had any recollection of how I got the bruises.

It could be something else with you, but if you are also feeling tired a lot, or depressed, or having some tingling and numbness, they you could be low on B12.

The tricky thing with B12 is that the low for it is awfully low here in the United States. Some labs list the low normal limit at 180 -- But in some European countries the low is 550 because that's the level at which they have identified the beginning of memory loss and lethargy.

I have recently been taking more than I was before, and it has made so much difference. I don't have the time to list all the ways... Here's the thing, it doesn't built up dangerously in our systems, like vitamin A can, so if I were you I'd get some and see if it helps. It won't be overnight, you understand... though you may feel a difference in a few days.

When you look for it, though, look for the methylcobalamin kind... I've read some research that says it works better or faster with our bodies...

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