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Froggy throat/loss of voice after hard exercise
Lifelong exerciser now in middle age -- in fine condition (biked from Seattle to Maine in 33 days 3 years ago) -- but over the past few years I have the weird problem of losing my voice after every hard workout. And it is gradually worsening.

First noticed it after rather severe dehydration following
a race in hot weather six or so years ago -- OK, lesson learned!

I hydrate before, during and after exercise. I am not asthmatic. No shortness of breath or wheezing or coughing or sneezing.  Indoors, outdoors makes no difference. Nor does season.

After every workout I get a weak, froggy voice for a number of hours. I have to constantly clear my throat to the point of soreness. Sometimes people cannot make out what I am saying -- it can be that bad.

I imagine an aortic embolism that balloons during exercise, ramming against my voice box, ready to blow at any time -- gradually deflating after a few hours of rest. Could such a thing be?

Any ideas what might be happening?

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