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Questions about running and protecting ankles
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Questions about running and protecting ankles

Hi, I am a 25 year old male. Three years ago I broke my right tibia and fibula in a game of basketball. I've recently taken up running as a hobby and I have a couple of questions:

1. How safe is it to run barefoot outside?
2. Is it safe to run barefoot on a track surface?
3. What type of ankle protection is the best for short distances?
4. Are there any exercises recommended for keeping the bones around the ankle safe?
5. What type of running shoe is best for performance while considering ankle safety?

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1) I would not suggest you to run on bare feet as that would put more pressure on your bones, soles.
2) Walking, running on bare feet is a practice and if you have that since younger days you can do it, but if you are starting new I would avoid that.
3) As the fracture healing would have taken place, considering the passage of 3 years I would suggest you to wear suitable foot wear and that would be sufficient.
4) More than the bones, which might have healed you have to make the joint problem free. There are tendons, muscles and ligaments involved and you can do ankle exercises to strengthen it and keep good mobility. Ankle exercises as in pressing the foot down and elevating it while you keep your leg straight and side ways movement at the ankle joint.
5) Any good brand with good soles and suitable to you should be selected and the counselor in the store will help you, you can always take extra insoles if you want.

Take care!
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