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breaking starvation mode! can't lose weight no matter what
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breaking starvation mode! can't lose weight no matter what

my question has to do with my extreme difficulty in losing weight. i already eat very little (800-1200 cals)and run 5 times a week (for the last 8 years). I just started weight training
my profile.
*I am 51, and childless
*I am in my 3rd year of menopause, am taking  HRT (bio identical)=100 mg of estima  (progesterone)  and .1/2 pump of estreva (estrogen) a.m. then p.m.
*I am 5.2 and yo yo between weighing 140 and 145
* I don't want to be skinny, just want to lose 10 pounds
* I run 20 minutes a day 5 days a week (do intervals)
*JUST TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT my daily caloric intake (for the last 10 years) has been  = 1400-1600
* 95% of my food source are veggies, some fruit, lean meat and fish, i eat almost no veggie fat , eat raw almonds and fresh dates, some whole fat yoghurt
* I do not snack
* I don't have a sweet tooth
* I don't eat any grains
* I occasionally eat bread before running
* I have a lazy colon and am often impacted
* I have had a lot of recent blood work, all normal, including thyroid and cholesterol
* i have crashed dieted for 20 years (but keep the weight off for 4-5 months)

Lately my body has changed drastically. I LOOK FATTER than ever, even though I only gained 2 pounds (which crept on me and i don't know how)! I am starting to get heavier around my waist. People who don't know me have a hard time believing that run every day, and eat very little.
I am down to 800 calories and still NO weight loss.
I am petrified to eat more (although that is what has been suggested).
I know my body is trapped in starvation mode.
At least before i could get some results from the very drastic crash diet (“the Cabbage Soup diet”= less than 800 calories a day.)  I used to lose 5-7 pounds and keep it off for about 4-5 months but now i can't even lose any weight on it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to eat healthy but even doing weight watchers faithfully for 3 months (along with running 5 X a week) i had NO results.  
if i eat more i gain weight YET can't lose any.
what can i do to end this craziness?

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Hi there!

If you are aiming at losing weight, it is important to calculate your current BMI and the target BMI. The target BMI should be in a healthy range. Aside indulging in moderate amounts of physical exercise it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet should consist of adequate amounts of calories with carbohydrates, proteins, fat and plenty of fruits and vegetables to supply vitamins and minerals. Skipping any of the food components is not considered healthy. Also when aiming at losing weight the protein intake may be slightly increased and the carbohydrate intake slightly lowered. The calorie requirement should also be adjusted for ones physical activities as well. A calorie intake of 800-1200 sounds very less when indulging in regular moderate level physical activity. Lower than adequate calorie intake can also cause weight gain, due to the stress hormones kicking in. Start with a healthy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner. Also keep a track of calorie intake and your work out. 0.5-2 pounds a week is decent weight loss. The weight loss may be slow initially due to the muscles building and would gradually gain pace. With gradual consistent efforts, you should be able to lose weight as desired in a healthy way.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Thank you so much. i must admit that although i do know this (have been told many times) i am afraid to eat more. Already this week, i started to eat more fish and a little more bread (1 piece a day of low cal, whole rye) for the last 3 days) and GAINED 2 pounds. I have been under eating for so long, i know eating more means i will gain weight at first. i am not sure i can accept that psychologically! i guess my problem is very complicated on all levels!
thanks again!
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