burning lungs when rigorously exercising
by megtom, Jul 05, 2006
My lungs feel like they are burning when i run and breathe hard. After running I cough a little too. Why is this?? I am only 30 and I don't smoke. I have had Bronchitis every year almost in the winter. Also I am just starting to run, trying to work out more.
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by Pixiangelj, Jul 06, 2006
Well it's definitely good that you're trying to be more active- When I was in third grade, I had broncitis repeatedly and ended up getting pneumonia. Ever since then, I cannot run long distances- doesn't matter how much I train or how gradual I increase distance. I get the burning sensation and my face gets red with white splotches. I went to my dr and he gave me an inhaler and told me it was sport induced asthma. The inhaler helped, but it's not 100%. They told me that the repeated episodes were hard on my lungs and the bronchi never fully recovers from such reoccuring episodes. Hope it helped good luck to you~
by star queen, Jul 12, 2006
When you are doing a very heavy exercise, your need for added oxygen makes you breathe from the mouth.  Often your breathing pattern is labored and panting.  When this occurs a large amount of oxygen is going down into the lungs drying the mucus membranes in the bronchus.  This will dry out the passageways effecting the nerve endings there.  This causes a burning sensation in the bronchus and chest.  Once you stop the exercise and your breathing becomes normal, fluids moisten the membranes and the pain goes away.  This can be reduced by breathing in a more regulated way.  Breathe in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.  Air coming throught the nose is moisturized and warmed preventing the drying and the pain.  good luck.
by srd34, Sep 19, 2008
What could it mean when you get the feeling without the exercise?  I sometimes have the sensation that I can't get a full breath of air (even though I can) , and sometimes for no reason, I have the burning sensation in my chest and throat.  I am not normally a mouth-breather so I don't really think that is the problem.
by cers1, Nov 24, 2008
My burning starts about 10 mins in exercising and goes away about 24 /25 mins in the exercise. I have recently started back after 2 yr layoff.
by kym85, Jul 07, 2009
My symptoms are also very similiar. I'm 23 years of age and I also feel a burning sensation in my throat and chest and also start bringing up a lot of phlehm. It happens about 10 minutes into strenuous exercise and if I can persist through the pain it usually passes after about half an hour. I exercise at least 3 times a week so it is not a fitness issue. I feel like my lungs are holding me back from enduring a full effective work out. My doctor just says it's asthma, although I don't believe this and the ventolin is not all that effective.
by Dr VinodBlank, Jul 08, 2009
Try some anti histamines. Try to change to different exercises to find out which one is giving you maximum symptoms. Follow up near a chest specialist, take care!
by Nriab_123, Oct 02, 2009
Got the same thing and Im only 13 yrs old  and i don't know what to do so please email me Coz im reallly worried lmfao coz i wont pass the mile run with that sensation on my lungs... its pretty hard i just felt it today when i ran quarter mile in 1.59 secs tho it went away after 5mins then I ran again.... so wat shoud i do? email me plz Brian_244***@**** Please and thnx
by Nriab_123, Oct 02, 2009
1.59 mins i mean
by Dr VinodBlank, Oct 03, 2009

You are getting this burning pain whenever you are doing these fast sprints. This might be due to contraction of your chest muscles, some gastric acidity problems, mineral imbalance etc.

If you are going at a normal pace and you do not face any symptoms then you have to take proper food and energy drink as in a fresh juice and glucose to provide you energy when you do this fast sprint. Some diet modifications are required to provide you energy for this mile run.

If that does not help then you need to consult a chest specialist for diagnosing of any problem.

Take care!