clicking sounds in chest!!!
by Stephie1982, Oct 21, 2005
hi - i'm a 22yr old female and i just wondered if anyone out there has any idea to why i get (which i can only describe as..) clicking noises when i take a deep breath. It doesnt happen all the time, but when it does its very uncomfortable - i've had it now for about 7yrs, and it has got worse as i've aged. I did go to the docs when it started years ago, an got sent for xray but everything seemed fine, and the doc couldnt tell me why - so i got discharged and carried on with it, but it has got worse - and the clicking noises louder!! anyone know what this is?? - Thank you - Steph
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by willtme, Oct 24, 2005
Sorry Steph that you have had to deal with this inconvenience.  I have had the same problem over the last year, though I have seen a reduction of my symptoms.  One possibile cause of your symptoms is tietze syndrome a.k.a. costochondritis.  It is an inflammation of the costochondral cartilage next to the sternum.  Most cases are of unknown cause.  But, known causes are irritation due to direct trauma, aggressive exercise that caused a strain, or a prior upper respiratory tract infection with cough that caused repeated stretching and strain at the costochondral junction. It is also possible that you have a structural abnormality resulting from trauma.  

You should be re-evaluated by a physician since it has been a few years as you mentioned.
by Stephie1982, Oct 24, 2005
hi willtme..
Thank you so much for your suggestions - sorry that you delt with the same thing, but its good to hear that its reducing!
I cant remember ever having a trauma that may have caused this, and I dont do any excessive training - i'll make an app this week with the doc's and i'll keep you posted... Thank you again xxx
by ChrisBristol, Nov 11, 2005

I have been having probles with my sternum area for the last year. It often starts when I have been lying on my side or if I am supporting my upper body on one arm. After a while if I move I will feel a pain in the sternum, this can be quite uncomfortable. If I move my arms together or bend forward this will get worse, however sometimes if I bend backwards and spread my arms wide and up into the air I will hear and feel a click or series of clicks from my sternum.

After these clicks the discomfort is usually relieved, but I have noticed that over time the incidence of these episodes is increacing, and I find the clicking less easy to achieve.

My theory is I have poorly cartelage connections between the ribs and sternum, if I apply stress to these joints by applying pressure to my ribcage from the side (by supporting my weight on one side of my upper body) these joints allow the sternum to move out of place and hence cause discomfort. Opening these joints by stretching allows them to jump back into place and hence the clicking and pain relief.

Does anyone have a similar experience or alternative theory?
by jake1987, Aug 23, 2007
hi, so i decided to research 'chest clicking'  and this website came up! and haha, i read stephie1982's comment :)  
it just so happens that i have the same exact problem. except mine clicks every time i take a deep breath whether or not im uncomfortable..  i went to the doctor and got xrays as well, and they didnt know what it was!  

so i guess i was just curious.. do you know if this is a serious thing? or...can it go away on its own?  i would love to know.  thank you:)

by TIM ALEN_2, Sep 11, 2007
I have this simmilar experience too just as these guys giving their situtations on the net, my problem is I get irritated often  times I hear clicking deep within my chest whenever I take a deep breath this comes sometimes with what they call a heart burn and it annoys me a lot in the past 3 years. I got a check up; X-rays and ECG'S and the result was  normal, the doctors diagnose it with an atypical heart block but my second reading was normal. so what is this?, any help from the experts PLEASE???

JOHN 22yrs old.
by mattsmart, Sep 19, 2007
I to have pretty much exactly the same problem as ChrisBristol, only the pain that causes the click comes from being slouched or bending the upper body forward. when straightening up I feel a constricting pain which is relived by spreading my arms wide and back, pushing chest forward untill I hear a crack which must be the cartilage/ sterum popping back into postion?
sometimes I wake in the night /early moring with the pain, but then cannot crack my chect to relive it, this can be very uncomfortable/ distressing, as the pain can last for hours untill i have to put myself into a postion which would normally cause the pain, in order to then relive the stuck sternum!!!
I have not managed to find anything to stop my chest clicking, although I do take glucosamine/chondroitine supplements and 2 asprin every morning for the last month. Ill keep the thread posted if I notice any changes!
My doctor said I'd have to live with it, I dont agree!!
I've never had any accidents are distress to the area, and i've had this condition for around 2 years

Matt ( 26yrs)
by dali_butterfly, Sep 23, 2007
I get the same sternum clicking but mine usually comes after some strenuous exercise. I also sometimes feel something like pressure in my chest. I went and saw a doctor and he said that it's just an inflammation of the chest bones. He told me to apply a cold pack for 5 minutes followed by a heat pack for 5 minutes (repeat a few times). He also told me to take anti inflammatory medicine like Ibuprophen. I took the pills but I haven't tried the heat-cold thing yet. It does feel better when I take the pills.
by mattsmart, Sep 25, 2007
hi dali_butterfly

I too have read about hot and cold packs, but whenever an painful episode occures, its often not convinient to try this method!
I may try ibuprofen as a friend uses it for athuritis, and says its helps?

good luck
by 190574, Sep 29, 2007
I know the feeling. I feel an uncomfortable feeling in my chest everyday. It activates anxieity attacks. I take a death breath constantly and it my rib cage clicks. I went to see my doctor, and he said it is loose muscles and that they need to be tighted. When you do that, it will keep the bones attached. But, I also have poor posture which doesnt help the situation at all. I have also been told to go see a chyroptractor to staighten my back. So, I hope this info can help. Just remember, allot of the time when you feel the sharpness, it is the nerves and muscles being pinched between the ribs and sternum and can cause your heart to think of heart attack. It happened to me after work today and it was scary