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kicked in left rib in muay thai fight, bad pain for weeks now.
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kicked in left rib in muay thai fight, bad pain for weeks now.

i have been kicked very in the ribs during muay thai training about 2 weeks ago.
it did hurt when i was kicked but i kept fighting for about 2 minutes after.
i did attend training for the next 2 sessions, for the following few days, but then the pain got worse.
so i went to the hospital, they did an x ray, ultrasound, and a ct scan, but they say there is no bone or organ damage, which leads to muscle damage. they just gave me some codeine and say rest it.

the pain is in my left rib area, it does come and go.,it really really hurts when i sneeze and  moderately hurts when i cough.
the main hot spot does seem to focus on one area about half way down my left rib,around where  the impact occured.
it especially hurts heaps when i bend over, get up from laying down or lay down, twist my torso
i notice exercise such as weightlifting, boxing, kicking, crunches,pushups aggrovates the area, and makes it really hurt more.
I have quit doing excercise now.

what type of muscle injury is this liable to be, as it has not healed yet after 2 weeks from impact?
what should i do, so i can get back to boxing/kicking asap?

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Hairline rib fractures are not easily seen on Xrays or ultrasound. Rib fractures take very long to heal sometimes upto a month. I would suggest you to immobilize the injured part by wearing a belt, apply alternate heat and ice packs and take OTC pain killers for pain.
If the pain does not reduce then please consult an orthopedic specialist.

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