Adult with congenital cataract
by christianirc, Jul 17, 2006
Thank you for taking my question.  I am a 32 year old adult female with a congenital cataract that was never removed.  My cataract is in my right eye, and it is very dense and large.  I have a very small amount of peripheral vision to the extreme outside of the eye.  I can see colors and make out basic shapes in that area.  The cataract is so dense I can not see through it at all.  I do not have any depth perception and can not "correct" for it.  Because of that I can not drive.

My question is this.  Would it be possible to have this removed and gain any kind of vision without problems like double vision?  I'm afraid I would not be able to focus both eyes together and would be left with more problems then I have now.  
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by Forum-OD-MP, Jul 17, 2006
if it really is congenital, then removing it probably wont do you much good.  you very likely have poor retinal development under there (deprivation amblyopia), and the vision will is unlikely to be better from that eye w/o the cataract.

yes, you could have double vision after the surgery, but i doubt it.  it probably will not change your life or overall vision much to have it removed.
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by christianirc, Jul 17, 2006
Thank you for your answer.  It is congenital, it was found when I was a few months old.  It is also hereditary.  That is why it was not removed, a cousin who is a year older than I had hers removed and went totally blind.