Air in eyes
by km44691, Dec 04, 2006
I was hoping someone could tell me what's going on under my eyelids. For over 6 years, each and every day I have had air under my eyelids in the form of minuscule bubbles. I can begin to close my eyelids and look to the upper left, and the bubbles come out with a loud click. After I do this there are immediately more air bubbles; the sensation never goes away. Sometimes I can just look upwards and the air bubbles come out of the area around my tear ducts with a much louder sound.

My optometrist said to me a couple years ago that it was a symptom of seasonal allergies. The under-side of my eyelids are covered with tiny bumps, and the space between them fills up with air. This makes logical sense, but the symptoms are not seasonal, they are daily. She prescribed me Allegra or something, which I took for a few months and discontinued after it produced no results.

The problem is aggravated when I am tired. It has also become a compulsion--when I feel the bubbles there, I "click" them out over and over again, until my eyes are dry or something distracts me. I can't stop this; I do it for hours a day, and I feel ridiculous.

Any feedback? I greatly appreciate it.
by Forum-OD-MP, Dec 04, 2006
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by Ag-i-doc, Dec 04, 2006
well that does not sound dangerous in any way, but i dont know how to fix it.  i bet you're getting air pushed out of your punctum (the tear drainage place).  possibly punctal plugs?

dont know.  this is an interesting one
by km44691, Dec 05, 2006
I'm pretty sure the air bubbles come from underneath my eyelid and not from the place where tears exit. I can feel them coming from different areas under my lid depending on the direction I look when I squeeze the bubbles out.

I know that it is harmless and petty, it's just that six years of living with this consistent irritation is enough. Would any optometrist take me seriously, or is this too meaningless? Thanks for your reply.
by meowracer, Dec 11, 2006
I have that exact problem and have had it for a long time.  I had LASIK done almost 5 years ago and asked the doctor about it.  He said it was from rubbing my eyes for so many years (due to allergies and my eyes itching) and I had stretched out the skin.  I can drive  you crazy, I know!  It is air trapped under the skin, as he explained it, from the skin being looser than it should be.  Hope this helps.
by barby33, Mar 28, 2008
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