Blotchy and spotty vision, static in vision
by astoriadweller, Oct 05, 2006
I'm a 24 year old male, and for the past few years, I've been experiencing what I can only describe as blotchy vision. It's akin to static within my vision. For example, if I look at a white wall, I can tell its white, but I can see blotches of many other colors upon it, like multicolored static. I also feel like images persist on my retina longer than they should, so I experience "ghosting" if I look at something and then look away. In general, my eyes are also sensitive to light for this reason.
I recently had my eyes examined by an ophthalmologist and everything came out okay, including eye pressure, although I have a family history of glaucoma. I am in good general physical health.
What could this be?
by Forum-OD-MP, Oct 05, 2006
"visual snow".  this question comes up occasionally here.  there are many old threads on this, you might want to scroll thru the older threads and see what else has been posted.

the answer is this is not an "eye" problem.  its a neurological problem.  you need to see a neurologist.  that being said, they probably wont have many anwsers for you either.  visual snow is a rare complaint with causes that are not known.  this comes up sometimes in patients with LYME DISEASE.  i am not telling you that you have lyme disease, but it is within the realm of possibility.
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by astoriadweller, Oct 05, 2006
is it a cause for concern? there doesn't seem to be much that can be done about it.
by Ag-i-doc, Oct 06, 2006
there isnt anything that can be done about it that i know about.  but you might want to still get some sort of work up to rule out lyme disease.  while there may not be any solution to the visual snow, there certainly is treatment for lyme disease, if you were to have that
by Carol in PA, Oct 08, 2006

Here are some posts at LymeNet.org with information you might find useful:




Some of these people with visual snow symptoms have been diagnosed and treated for tick borne disease.

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