Can't focus and eye problems
by Ellis45, Jan 23, 2006

I'm longsighted I was fine up until I woke up one morning a few weeks back when my vision had changed, putting on my glasses did not help anymore so I thought I needed new lenses, anyway got the new lenses and they still do not work. I ve taken them back a few times now and still the same results I cannot focus with them.

I have these symptoms:

Bloodshot eyes like there strained
Both eyes feel as if they don't work togther.
Eyes feel far more back then normal.
Cloudy Vison sometimes that goes when I blink.

I've had tests done at the opticions and they said my eyes are fine, so now need to wait for an eye doctor to take a look, my eyes do not feel right something has changed.

by Forum-OD-MP, Jan 23, 2006
"longsighted" ot hypermetropic/hyperopic patients are some of the most difficult patients to write rx's for.  this is when you need an experienced refractionist.  

especially if you are over age 35 or so, you REALLY need a person running tests on you who has been around the block and knows what they are doing, not someone who rx's based on an autorefractor.  based on your complaints, i think you need a new refraction.  a second (or 3rd or 4th!) opinion
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by Ellis45, Jan 23, 2006
Sorry forgot to add:

Increase in floaters.
by Ellis45, Jan 23, 2006
Thanks for the reply, they did dilate my eyes and said my real prescription is +5.00 in both eyes yet thet still didn't help.
by Ag-i-doc, Jan 23, 2006
that doesnt mean that much...
sorry!  it sounds informational to a patient but any long- practicing eye doc knows that doesnt really mean anything...