Drugs to Dilate Eyes
by JUD-M, Dec 13, 2005
I experienced as in another thread that dilation of pupils may last several hours.  Are there other compounds/drugs/something that causes the same effect without lasting as long? Does everyone use the same stuff?  It wasn't totally apparent to me, but does this dilation also affect focus (other than that caused by the wide aperature).
by Forum-OD-MP, Dec 13, 2005
yes, all dilation eyedrops affect focusing by temporarily paralyzing the muscle responsible for focusing (ciliary muscle).  it wasnt apparent to you b/c you must be nearsighted.  it is VERY APPARENT to people who are farsighted.  nearly temporarily debilitating for some.

the shortest acting drug is 0.25% tropicamide (a drug called paramyd).  it usually lasts 2-3 hrs in a brown eyed patient and 4-5 hrs in a very light blue eyed patient.  it also doesnt affect focusing as much as some other drugs.  i personally dont use paramyd b/c its expensive and i find that it takes too long to work and completely fails to work in some patients.  i use 1% tropicamide for most routine dilations.

but NO, most doctors do not use the same stuff.  there are probably 6 different combos of drugs that dilate a human pupil, and each practitioner uses what he/she thinks is best or necessary for the job they need to do.  for example if i want to accurately measure some children's rx's i use cylopentolate, which can dilate someone up to 48 hrs.  it all depends on what i'm trying to do.
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