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Visual disturbances
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Visual disturbances

I have been experiencing strange "visual disturbances"
Starting back in Jan. I began experiencing this. I will do my best describe it.....At night, lying in bed, possibly dozing or maybe deep sleep, not sure....... my eyes start this abrupt, scrambled, tumbling in my head, it's like my eyes just go crazy, and I have this "startled" or scared feeling coupled with a sick nauseating sensation. This has only happened at night,(the last episode occuring 3 nights ago) in the day time it is more of a quick, jerky type movement, not so much tumbling, nor is it nauseating. Both are random, the night episodes happened initially 3-5 time over a 5 week period, then went away for 2-3 months, and re-appeared this week.
I do have other things that are going on, and currently seeing a Neuro. (lower-occipital headache with nausea, pressure behind eyes, random dizziness and tingling/numbness)
When I described the visual symptoms to him, he asked me if I had a 'cold' when this occured. I told him no.....he really didn't elaborate further, only said he wanted to "wait 'til my next MRI, which is in July, but said "it could be due to a certain type of migraine, although it's very rare."
Any idea what he is talking about?
He didn't give a name to my visual symtoms (symptoms), but after doing a search on the internet, it most closely resembles "Opsoclonus"
Do you concur, or know what else it could be?
Thanks for any response!
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he's talking about an ocular migraine:


this is not really an eye problem, this is most likely a neuro problem.

'it most closely resembles 'Opsoclonus' Do you concur'

if you are an adult, then no i dont concur with a diagnosis of opsoclonus.
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