White drainage outside corners of both eyes
by janfern, Nov 08, 2006
I have a white drainage that comes out of the out side corners of both eyes. It is not every day, but comes and goes. This is something i have had for the last couple of years. I do have allergy problems but it usually doesnt affect my eyes. When my allergys are not bothering me i still can have the drainage. Also this drainage occurs during the day, I have never woke up with it. Other then that i would consider my eyes normal with no other problems. If i get dirt in my eyes or have a little normal morning sand man deposits this is always on the inside corners. No glasses or contacts. Does this sound normal, is it maybe an eye allergy, or something i should have looked at? Thanks Jan
by Forum-OD-MP, Nov 08, 2006
well it does not sound DANGEROUS to me, but no one is going to know what it is until/unless you have an eye exam from an eye doctor.

"white" discharge is usually thought to be associated with bacterial infection...HOWEVER...i personally think a bacterial infection is a little bit unlikely in your case given your symptoms.  bacterial infections usually dont occur in both eyes at the same time, and they have way more symptoms: redness, swelling, blur, light sensitivity, etc etc.  but you are ONLY complaining of discharge.  so i personally doubt this is bacterial related.  but again, no one is going to be able to know exactly what it is until you have an eye exam.  yes, it could be allergy related, even if you dont think allergies are "affecting your eyes".
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