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eyelid mole
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eyelid mole

27 yr. old female.  i noticed a small flat tan mole on my upper eyelid a few weeks ago and was wondering is it normal to have moles on your eyelids?  it looks normal, not funny looking or dark, just hadn't noticed it before
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yes, many people do.  watch it for changes in size/color/shape...and certainly have an exam if any of those changes occur, or if it becomes painful or bleeds...
Dermatologists use the ABCD method to detect possible skin cancer

A stands for asymmetry.
One half of the mole doesn't match the other half. Melanoma tend to be irregular.

B stands for border irregularity.
Benign (good) moles have nice smooth edges whereas melanoma are busily invading and tend to have irregular edges.

C stands for color.
If the color is intensely black, possibly with a bluish tint, or the color is uneven across the mole, this is suspicious of a melanoma.

D stand for diameter
if the mole is greater than 6 mm (about the size of a pea), then there is a greater chance that it is malignant.


Of course this isn't always true and shouldn't be used as a subsitute for an accurate diagnosis.
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