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fuzzy patch in left eye off center of vision, see dancing swirling colo...
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fuzzy patch in left eye off center of vision, see dancing swirling colored lines in dark

I am a 37 year old male, with a fuzzy grey-ish colored patch about the size of my little finger nail (when viewed at arms length).  It is always up and to the right of wherever I am looking.
Have had it for about 3 months now, no change in size, location or appearance.
If I am in good light and keep both eyes open I barely notice it.
As light fades it becomes very noticable.
If I close my right eye the patch is there all the time.
The patch seems to be dotted in good light but in motion in dark or dim light, not that it moves, but there is motion within it.
It is like there is a little storm going on inside it.
In the dark, I see always one, and sometimes 2 swirling dancing colored lines.  A little like watching a light saber fight in a star wars movie.
I have seen 3 eye doctors, 2 retinologists and a neurologist.
All 5 eye doctors said my eye looks perfectly normal.
OCT looked fine.  The dye in the arm test looked normal.  Field of vision test didn't show the patch (my first ever field of vision, very hard to stay focussed on the center).
EEG, MRI and MRAs done by Neurologist return normal results.
I have always had good sight, around the 20/20 mark but am color blind.
My mother and aunt both suffer from Glaucoma.
Not sure if it's the colorblindness or not, but if I look at a red wall the grey fuzzy patch seems to have a red/grey color.  A green wall shows a grey/green fuzzy patch, blue wall shows a blue/grey patch.
If I look at a line on white paper, the gap in the line appears to be a white/grey dotted patch.
No sigh of anything in my right eye.
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'I am a 37 year old male, with a fuzzy grey-ish colored patch about the size of my little finger nail (when viewed at arms length). It is always up and to the right of wherever I am looking.'

its a floater.  benign, especially if you have already been worked up and found to have good ocular health.  not glaucoma.  not color blindness.  

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Glaucoma pressure reading was normal.
When I blink the patch shows as solid grey for a split second then fades.
When I keep my left eye open for say 30 seconds then blink, patch shows as a darker grey patch with a bright edge around it.
I also see a small yellow patch with a little bump in it in the white of my left eye.  It doesn't look as severe as the examples of Pinguecula I have found on line but it is certainly a little bump.
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Referencing http://www.aivision.com.au/othereye.htm
It says that optometrists should be able to see floaters inside the eye.
But nobody can see anything in my eye.

And referencing http://www.eye-floaters.com/floaters-whatarefloaters.php
It says that they move about and drift.
My fuzzy patch is always fixed relative to wherever I am looking.

Thanks for your time on this.
Is it worth me trying to draw some pictures of my problem in its day/night forms ?

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no, not worth drawing pictures.

eye docs can only see LARGE floaters.  but it is certainly incorrect to assume that ALL floaters can be seen by any eye doc.

as for "moving and drifting" vs "there all the time"...this is a matter of semantics.  what you describe still sounds like a floater to me.

these are cases where patients often get frustrated.  if you have had eye exams specifically looking for this problem and you were found to have a clean bill of "eye health", then its likely that no amount of research on your end or examination on the doctor's end is going to come up with some significant "eureka!" answer for your problem.  some symptoms are just unfixable, even if identified.  i feel bad for you for having the symptoms you describe, but if multiple eye exams by multiple different docs have not found anything wrong, then this is not going to be something that is fixable, even if it is driving you crazy.  sorry!
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