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2 different eye rx for my 5 year old daughter
I went to see our opthometrist for my daughter and after 6 months and told us her eye rx went up quite a bit, she is only 5 years old.
         Sph.      Cyl.      axis.        PD
OD.  -2.75.    -0.50.    083.         54
OS.  -3.00.    -0.50.    100

This first one is the RX from the optometrist.

Now the one from the Opthamologist:

         Sph.         Cup.        Axis
OD. -2.50.        +0.50.      180
OS. -3.00.        +0.50.      180

The Opthamologist dilated my daughters eyes, the opthometrist didn't, now I am pretty confuse, I don't know what Rx is better for her. I have high myopia also my mother, I just don't want to affect my child vision if I pick the wrong Rx.
please advise me which one to pick.
Thank you so much for your help.
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Kids that age most frequently get overminused by optometrists.  The appropriate thing to do would be to dilate the eyes and perform a retinoscopy (which is hopefully what your ophthalmologist did) or at least put in the minimum power required to see clearly through a cycloplegic refraction.  The best bet is to take the child to a pediatric ophthalmologist as they deal with this all the time.  If I had to pick, I would bet the ophthalmologist's refraction is more accurate.

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