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Acceptable activity level
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Acceptable activity level

I am a 51 yr old personal trainer that took a fall on a wakeboard face first back in early Aug.  ISeveral weeks later i saw flashing lights and went to my opthamologist and retina specialist.  I had PVD.  They told me to limit activity bending forward but said spin class and my wt training sessions lighter resistance would be fine.  I had 2 checkups 4 weeks apart with the retina specialist and was released to full activity with a follow up in 6 weeks.  The whole time I had flashing lights just at dusk   Then last friday I saw black spaghetti flosting called and was seen the next day by an opthamologist on call.  He said just keep your apt in 4 weeks.  Well 5 days later retina specialist has just lasored for a sm tear and another suspicious spot.  This time he has told me do nothing for a week and he is seeing me in 7 days.  The tear is small.  My question is that I have gotten varying opinions on how long to curtail activity from 1-6 weeks?  activities like yoga, spinning,weight training???  And that my teaching step or participating in plyometric activities in the future should be limited. What is normal healing time and outcome going forward for a personal trainer like me?    
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Again, like I told the last person, I am not your personal doctor so I cannot  make recommendations for you personally.  The main activities to avoid are extremely strenuous ones and one where you are bouncing up and down forecfully like jumping and those where you are face down like pushups and downward dog yoga.  Both will forcefully move the vitreous around which you don't want.  Walking, stationary bike, upright light weight lifting, strecthing, yoga (as long as not face down) all sound like reasoalbe activities pretty soon after the laser.  As far as the harder activities that is something to be discussed with your personal doctor.
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