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Atropine solution
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Atropine solution

My son was a twin born at 26 weeks gestation, he suffered a grade II IVH while in the NCCU he is fine now(age 2) but he has alternating strabismus problems.  He is seeing a pediatric Opthamologist who is also an MD.  My son will not wear his glasses, his doctor gave us Atropine to drop into his eyes twice a week, he said it would force our son to wear his glasses by making the eye muscles relax(therefore he would not be able to adjust them) and he wouldn't be able to see without his glasses.  Nice theory.  My son takes his glasses off and hides them, if he leaves them alone for more than a few minutes he will go to another area and take them off and put them anywhere he thinks we cannot find them.  I am at my wits end with this, any more suggestions, the atropine has not slowed him down at all and he seems to see just fine even with his pupils dialated.
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It is normal to experience these type of problems with children.  I am sure that you have definitely dealt with much more difficult problems if your child was a 26 weeks at birth.  What is important is that you look for support and help and be persistant.  It will get better with time, that's for sure.  Talk to your pediatric ophthalmologist for tips on keeping the glasses on.

Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh when reading this. It is exactly what I did when I was young (2-3 years old). Accoridng to my parents I threw my glasses in the trash and then pretend I had lost them. I don't actually remember doing this but I believe them b/c I still hate wearing glasses.
I also did not take well to patching in order to help w/ amblyopia. My parents were very worried and frustrated, just as I know you are.
Maybe you can try contacts? Really, though the only piece of advice I can offer is this: eventually, as your son gets older he will realize that he cannot see as well as he would like and the only solution is to wear his glasses. That is eventually what I learned, so despite my hatred of wearing glasses I have grown to tolerate them.
Good luck and have patience.
You have to admit that he is clever. My daughter started wearning glasses at 3. But she was very nearsighted, so I guess this gave her more motivation.  

Good Luck
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