Blister-bubble on white of eye?
by Jacat, Sep 26, 2007
I woke up the other morning with a clear bubble like blister on the outside corner, white of my right eye. There is some redness but not much. It is more itchy than anything else. I went to my MD and he prescribed Gentamicin 3mg/ml, 1 drop 3 X daily. This is the third day that I am using the drops and the bubble has not changed much (only slightly smaller, according to husband). I wear contacts but have kept them off since discovering the bubble.  I am concerned about it and wonder if I should seek additional medical attention or leave it alone.
by Michael J Kutryb, MDBlank, Sep 26, 2007
You should get it checked out by an ophthalmologist.  Sounds like a clear conjuctival cyst - but we can't be sure.  Generally speaking what you are describing won't respond to antibiotics.  Can be treated with things like lubricant drops, allergy drops, sometimes steroid drops, sometimes excision.  Sometimes the doctor can just lance it with a needle in the office - but the cyst can return again.  If it is a small conjunctival cyst - it's a common, non-harmful situation - may have developed due to contact lens rubbing against the area - or for no reason at all.  Bottom line - your ophthalmologist should be able take care of things no problem and calm your concerns as well.  Good Luck.
Michael Kutryb, MD
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by Jacat, Sep 26, 2007
Went to my opthalmologist and she told me it is definitely a conjuctival cyst and not to worry about it, that it will go away on it's own.  She said she could lance it but she would rather leave it alone and see if it resolves in a few more days. Thank you for your help, it was much appreciated~
by Nancy Clark, Sep 27, 2007
i woke from a nap about an hour ago with a similar situation, in both of my eyes.  in addition to the jelly-like substance in the outer corners, they also are extremely itchy and bloodshot, and some discomfort to blink or move my eyes.  looking in the mirror, if i pull the corner downward, i notice that my eyes are somewhat mis-shapen, almost as if the white is melting upward, leaving a flat ledge behind my lower lids.  i am sensitive to dusts and molds, and my fall allergies are in full swing.  in addition, i began cleaning my closets and under the stairs which may have triggered all of this.  further, i am on day nine of 25mg lamictal, and a possible side affect is rash/hives.  i've taken two benedryl capsules (large dose for me) and left a message for my eye doctor.  any comments or suggestions?  thank you, nancy
by Jacat, Sep 28, 2007
Hi Nancy,

Sounds like the same thing I have/had.  My ophthalmologist said it was because of an irritation, excessive rubbing or in my case I wear disposable extended wear lenses and while I was sleeping it probably irritated my eye.  The bubble in my eye either popped or went down and now the corner of my eye is just blood shot and a little irritated-itchy.  My doctor said to just leave it aloneā€¦ hope this helps. I know it is a little creepy but at least it goes away eventually!
by sonyasings, Oct 05, 2007
I am glad I found this.  Mine is very similar and I have been worried too.  Although, mine shows up every morning and within the hour it is gone.  This has been happening for about three months now.  I am hoping it is the same thing you described, so I dont have to worry.  But I can't show it to a doctor, because by the time I get to the doctor's office it is gone.  But it shows up again every morning.  Does any one from MedHelp have an idea?
by flash75, Oct 08, 2007
I have been having a problem with these bubbles too, had small ones for a few years that never really troubled me however in the last few months they have got much worse (my optician told me I had an epidemic of them!!). I have an obvious one in the corner of my left eye which is there all the time and the right eye it seems to be swollen in the morning most days and then goes down leaving a wrinkly looking conjuctiva, the area is quite large covering most of the conjunctiva between my iris towards my nose. Have been a contacts lens wearer for 10 years and have now reverted to glasses to see if it helps but not so far. Have been using lubricating drops, cromolux mast cell stabiliser and my GP gave me some steriod drops but i decided not to use them because of the potential side effects. I do have a slight mucus discharge during the day as you might expect in the morning after waking but i dont think I have an eye infection. Im not sure what to do next, I just want to start wearing my contact again and for these to go away.
by mygirls2x, Mar 03, 2011
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