Blood spot in white of eye
by suvvi, Nov 05, 2008
I am 28 yrs old female. From past few days I have been noticing a small blood spot in the white area of my left eye.Today when i woke up, it was bigger than earlier! It wasn't hurting earlier but today it is while am blinking my eyes. How long does it take to become normal? What are the reasons behind it? Is there any medications that can help? I seem to have some sinus problem also lately..is it due to that?? Am worried. please help me. Will see a doctor soon..
I am sending the picture as an attachment.
Thank you!
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by Joan M Pernoud, MDBlank, Nov 05, 2008
This is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage which is a slightly incorrect name because the amount of blood you have is less than a drop! This is from when one of the small vessels on the surface membrane of the eye breaks and bleeds under the conjunctival membrane. Sometimes they are much larger than yours. Thanks for the picture!

These are almost always benign...not indicating any serious problem. Medicines which are blood vessel constrictors like Visine will NOT take this red out because the blood is outside of the blood vessel. It can seem to move around as when one sleeps as gravity pulls the blood in different directions initially. Usually no treatment is required and it absorbs away as a bruise would in a few weeks. Rarely artificial tear drops are helpful to soothe over the slightly swollen surface.

Coughing or sneezing or the use of blood thinners (even aspirin, vitamin E or Ginko herbs) can predispose to these.
by suvvi, Nov 06, 2008
Thank you so much for your input! I am relieved after reading your comment. The bruise has surely increased its area around the corner of the eye now and it has grown bigger than yesterday. I had consumed a tab for cold the other day..and I also take one a day women's daily..seems like I should discontinue it for a while as it might worsen the case.will try tear drops though, hope it helps.
Thanks again!
by Joan M Pernoud, MDBlank, Nov 06, 2008
Maybe a sneeze from the cold incited this.

Don't worry about the women's vitamins...not enough vitamin E to
cause bleeding. However, some cold medicines have ingredients which
could possibly raise the blood pressure and predispose to this condition.